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Title: First Look on Sever Maintenance(2017-9-6) [Print this page]

Author: Eric    Time: 2017-9-5 21:24
Title: First Look on Sever Maintenance(2017-9-6)
Edited by Eric at 2017-9-5 21:29

Sever Maintenance

Dear Lords and Ladies,

All game servers of Immortal Conquest will be down for maintenance on Sep 6th, from 02:00 to estimated 03:00 (PDT) / 09:00 to estimated  10:00 (UTC)

Please arrange your game schedule well. Thank you for your understanding and support!

After the update, the following content will be available:

[New Features]
- The chat preview box on the main interface can now be expanded to show  more chat content
- Recommended troop combinations are now available via the Gairo  interface
- Emoticons can now be used in chat and email
- Switched to new icons for Scout, Ambush, and Hired Artisan (Available in S3)
- Switched the role indicator's base icons in the Gairo interface
- Optimized the way state capitals as well as Delphi are displayed on the  map
- Adjusted where the construction complete notice appears
- Adjusted some cards' cover images
[Bug fixes]
- Fixed some translation errors

We hope you have great playtime with Immortal Conquest.

Immortal Conquest: Europe Team

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