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Title: Gairo Role Descriptions [Print this page]

Author: Chosen    Time: 2017-8-15 02:25
Title: Gairo Role Descriptions
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While Gairo have always had a "player made" role category system, it hasn't been until a recent July 2017 update that NetEase Games adopted this system and officially integrated it into the game. These newly born aspects of the gamehave long sense been an influence on position and skill before there integration.

Implemented roles:
  Support roles have strong healing ability and buff effects to help allies gain the upperhand.

  Tank roles are best used in the front position where they can absorb most of the damage for the troop.

  Spirit Damage roles excel at high Spirit-based damage output attacks and skills.

  Attack Damage roles excel at high Attack-based damage output attacks. (Chase skills are most effective with this type of role)

  Disabler roles are capable ofinfecting the enemy teams' gairos withdisabbling effectsang stat debuffs.


The support role is most effective used in the RearGuard position and averagely effective MidGuard position. Because these types of gairo are more focused on healling and buff effects, their deffenses are only average and there damaging ability is limited. This also hints at the idea the should the gairo be put into the mid-guard or tank positions, they will bleed (get damaged) a lot. Most support gairo have a higher spirit statistic than the rest of there stats, should you wish to put them in the middle, it is best to put a spirit-based attack on them (i.e. Lightning or Gust). Pairing their spirit attack skill with self-healing skill counteracts the bleeding rsult for being placed in the mid-guard position.


Gaia has an unusually high spirit attack attribute compared to other gairo of her archer class, however, it is not unusual for her support role. Putting her in the midguard position gives ample oppurtunities to exploit her unusual stats. Due to her high spirit attribute, she is able to efficiently use both spirit attacks and supportive skills. Putting a skill like lightning allows the full use of her spirit stats while keeping her at a distance that doesn't make her defficient. But because she has been put in the midguard position, she is open for normal attacks and due to her class type she will take massive damage from this. Which is why we pair her lightning ability with a healing ability such as Tacit Agreement, also based on the spirit attribute, allows her to heal her forces enough that the damages she takes isnt too massive and heal others as well.

Gairo with the Attack Damage or Spirit Damage role is extremely useful if paired with chase/followup or heavy damage skills. While their defense is merely adiquete, it is still not high enough for them to be in the vanguard position, which leaves the rearguard and midguard positions. While the midguard position is usually immidiately favorited by the attack/spirit damage roles because of their heavy damage output, the position of the rearguard and midaguard should be determined based off of how many loses are expected.

The reason Gaia was put into the midguard position instead of Theia is because of her dual compatablity with healing and attacking. Theia would lose more troops than Gaia would, therefore needs to be in the back to prevent a greater amount of loss. Theia's range still allows her to reach the enemies midgaurd position which gives you team a big advantage.

The Tank role is relatively only effective in the Vanguard position. Tanks focus on high defense, debuff abilities and minor healing. By placing this role with a skill to protect it from attacks and a skill to recover troops, it will draw most of the damage with minor injurry and recover most of the troops lost at the same time. Creating a immeasurable sheild for the other gairo in the army.


Prometheus is a prime example of a good tank due to his +2.11 def/lvl increase rate. Cure is an essential part of prometheus' defense. Due to being the sheild of the team, Prometheus will take the blunt of the damage. Cure will heal most, if not all (depending on skill level) of the wounded troops. Cure is a skill based off of the gairos attack, so while it is not the highest attribute that Prometheus has to also depend on his third skill, avoid. Avoid is a skill that prevent the user to be hit on the next hit. This will prevent further loses from prometheus while making cure more useful in recovering troops that had not been recovered from previous turns. *Cure will not revive troops from previous battles

The Disabler role is almost a universal position that adjusts to the personal stats of a gairo. This role is not of much use until you get further into the game. As the game progresses, you'll begin to obtain some more and better skills. These better skills will become more prominent in the enemy teams you face. That's when the disabler role makes its most effective contribution to battles.

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