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Title: Season 3 Merge Servers 1-8 (Introduction to Misfits) [Print this page]

Author: nickeyblaze    Time: 2017-8-7 10:30
Title: Season 3 Merge Servers 1-8 (Introduction to Misfits)
Edited by Titan at 2017-8-8 04:33

Hello Immortal Conquest Community,

I wanted to introduce myself and the Misfits.  I’m the final chief of the Irish Ghosts from season 1 and the Misfits of Season 2. The reason for my message to you today is to let you know who we are, what we stand for, and what our goals are for season 3 and beyond.  This way there won’t ever be a question about why we do what we do if you are not a part of us and this also gives everyone a chance to learn about us ahead of time and decide if they feel like we are a good fit for them.

One reason I feel the Misfits have been so successful is that we abide by 3 simple rules.
1) Be respectful of other players.  This is a game and because ofthat should be enjoyed as one.  We won’t tolerate disrespectful players and those we see as disrespectful in other alliances in WC etc become targets very quickly.

2) Players to always be active.  If you become inactive, we don’t know if you quit or not and need to always keep active players in the alliance.  The purpose of having a second alliance now however is that we can accommodate some of the more casual players who help a lot but can’t be on 24/7 like some of us addicts.

3) Listen to leadership.
  We have some simple rules as I like to make sure things are simple and clear cut.  I don’t want to worry about the drama of tile stealing, barb sniping, etc and with our rules its pretty clear cut.

On top of our simple rules the other reason people enjoy playing with us is that we are organized and keep to our word.  You will find if our leadership makes a decision that we will follow through with it and you can count on that.  A leader who isn’t a man of his or her word isn’t worth following or listening to.

The Misfits are a group of competitive gamers who enjoy learning and growing together.   As each season progresses you are noticing that the player base gets more competitive and due to this the alliances and friends who make continue to grow.  No longer is it possible to maintain 1 alliance of 380 players and to win future seasons what is needed is a single Alliance of 760 – 1140 players along with an officer pool of 34 – 51.  While we could put together a solid team of 380 players and figure a way to control all 13 capitals this isn’t the ideal way to help many others enjoy our success so this is why we will be running 2/3 main alliances under 1 banner.  To achieve this we will use multiple officers who run teams of players and each of these teams will have certain goals.  The commanders will always keep alliance markers current and utilize the alliance calendar to coordinate cities, passes, and pvp targets.  All leaders will communicate in a room and from there decisions will be passed along to each of the teams they run.  This will allow us to be nimble and organized against any foe who may show up.  This will also allow for those who use to run alliances and have a core group ofguys they love to play with to stay together and enjoy their camaraderie.  The officers make their own private rooms which they invite their players to so it would be the same as their oldalliances except under the misfit umbrella.   We will organize cities and kingdoms between the groups so that it maximizes the benefit for all those in the alliance.

As many know we typically discuss regions ahead of time with the chiefs of the alliances from the seasons merging .  This season Misfits were assigned Asgard, Anatolia, Attica, and LE.  Legacy is assigned Vana, Ireland, Britain, and UE. Joth is a free for all region. For anyone who plans to start in a region that was assigned to Misfits I do want to warn you ahead of time that we don’t share.  We won’t allow other alliances to open passes as that is a risk we can’t allow.  We won’t share cities and especially in the beginning of the season.  Our goals are always expanding the kingdom to protect the alliance.  That said however those who have ever played with me and the Misfits know that we will share eventually after the season is won so this isn’t something that is forever however I always focus on what is best to help the alliance grow.  If this isn’t ok please don’t join our regions as you will only find that we are very aggressive to those not with us.  

So I tell you all this because we look forward to fun seasons ahead.  No longer will we be doing ceasefires and mass mergers like we did in season 1 and 2.  Those who are with us are with us as long as they are active and those officers who are officers and leading groups will be officers to the end as long as they continue to do what is expected of officers.  We will share the awards each season with our massive alliance which will consist of at minimum 760 players and 34 officerpositions.  Once season 3 wrinkles are ironed out with this setup we will add a 3rd alliance to the group.  At the end of season 3 there will be some alliance that will share in the end rewards with us.

As for season 3 and beyond again my name is Blaze.  If you are a chief and run a core group of players and you believe in our philosophy above please message me in game or in line (Line ID Nickeyblaze).  I would love to talk with you and see how you may be able to fit your group with us.  For those who will be against us in season 3 and beyond I hope you still can find our philosophy appealing and do some thing similar.  No need for disrespectful players ruining the game for everyone.  Let’s have some competitive pvp fun and enjoy this game for years to come.  

Cheers n Good Hunting.

Ps. I will be posting all the Misfit rules we use so any alliance who wishes to copy and duplicate can. If you feel you have a better solution to the issues of the rules please message me as I am constantly trying to optimize.  On a side note we are not necessarily going to run under the Misfit name next season but you can always find me as Blaze.

Author: nickeyblaze    Time: 2017-8-7 10:32
Edited by Titan at 2017-8-8 04:35

Below are some of the rules we follow.  Please excuse the way they are typed as I just am copying and pasting from our Line group.  I will clean up b4 next season.

Hey Misfits. Barbs are about to start so I want to clarify the rules for those who are new. Our main focus each weekend. Is barbarian farming for gold and xp. Normally Not cities. No one has claim to a barb however be respectful. If you see someone make a path to a barb due to truce tile showing ask to have 1/3. But don't snipe people. Never take the last barb if a path is already going. Sometimes a draw happens and a follow up army hits. This isn't on purpose so plz b nice. Any issues take screen shots and send to officers in line.  Can't do he said she said stuff. Have fun. Be respectful. Cheers n good hunting. Blaze

Pathing rules - Hello Mosfits new and old. I want to clarify pathing rules. Plz don't snipe people's tiles IF you see a path to it. If you see someone with a fort named 9sub next to a lvl 9 tile then they r setting up to claim it. If you see a lvl 6+ land surrounded by 9 tiles and it's in center then someone is claiming for sub. Don't touch it. Also don't surround UNLESS u can take the tile. We don't deserve tiles until next week or week after that you can take a lvl 9. Also. Pm someone if you have any questions if they are going for something.  However. That said. No one has claim on tiles if the fort or surrounding tile isn't done. No one knows if u r asleep. Not going for the tile etc. it isn't fair to assume they r being greedy. Frankly I don't take tiles below 7 so people PM me and even the 7s where I path I don't want. B respectful of others but don't assume because u path and fell asleep before claiming a tile that it is yours. No one knows what each other is thinking. I don't want gray areas. Take screen shots with issues and Send in Line if u have issues. Otherwise he said she said isn't what we want. Blaze

District rules - Here's the district rules. It's 2 per person for cities lvl 5 and below. No exceptions. If you have more than 2 u maybe asked to drop some to share if someone has none there. For cities lvl 6+ they r a free for all for now. HOWEVER once they start filling up people who have 2+ maybe asked to drop to share if someone wants one. Finally training district will always b the top right corner of any lvl 3-4 city. This must be free for someone to farm xp. Always drop when you are done is you occupy it. FYI I will max my land tiles then farm so I can't occupy and can repeat every 15 minutes.  Pm the officers with any questions. This covers the zones of Joth, Vana,attica, Anatolia, Thess, asgard, and the 3 regions in boeotia. Eventually Phoc.  Cheers n good hunting.

Season 2 rule reminders:
3 rules of joining Misfits
1. be respectful
2. be active
3. listen to leadership (officers and above)

when u r in 48 hour newbie protection join alliance when taking lands. drop when sleeping or you are not. its 30 min cooldown.
no trash talking in Wc. we will promote a positive competitive alliance. let our actions speak for us.
always be using Theia to lvl up gairo while u have down time. not just the 1st 48 hours but for first weeks.
Author: Titan    Time: 2017-8-8 03:47
A solid alliance that has shown continued success in both seasons.
Respectful, organized and active sums up this alliance.
Author: nickeyblaze    Time: 2017-8-15 10:45
Due to the curve ball by the Developers on alliance max 180 the fix is simple.  4 alliances - 5/3/3/1 split which we are already split into currently.  See you all in season 3.  Cheers n good hunting.  -Blaze
Author: God    Time: 2017-10-4 00:58
This post is now irrelevant, Blaze lost the season.
Author: Chubulas    Time: 2017-10-12 15:56
*This post is now irrelevant, Iron Throne lost the season due to combined effort of three alliances.*

Seemed to have left out some key points...

1 )It was a team effort. Blaze could not have done anything in the past or present without previous Misfits and present Iron Throne.

2) Took 3 alliances to win...honestly that is laughable. You might as well give FM and WAR a shoutout because everyone knows Legacy could not have done it themselves.

LOL get real.
Author: redgas425    Time: 2017-10-22 09:06
haha chubula.  you're the one who needs to get real.  first off, WAR is a joke of an alliance and FM isn't a big threat to go after Delphi.  secondly, when IT had there chance to fight Legacy heads up at megara, IT surrendered within a couple of hours.  so, you can try to spin it how you like but far more people know the truth.

BTW, Legacy was on the Phocis side of the megara gate and had been for a month before IT tried attacking the gate.  also, Legacy wiped IT from boetia with no resistance
Author: DuMort    Time: 2017-10-24 14:38
Edited by DuMort at 2017-10-24 14:45
redgas425 replied at 2017-10-22 09:06
haha chubula.  you're the one who needs to get real.  first off, WAR is a joke of an alliance and FM ...

You guys are all right. Chub is right that even 3 weaker alliances of 100+ players can be an overwhelming amount for one alliance at one time, but Red is right that IT never even fought Legacy (aside from a small skirmish here and there), just ran. So to be fair as far as I could tell they only really fought against 2 alliances, FM (who has some of the strongest players but lack large numbers of them) and War (who as Red implied are not very strong in comparison to the others), which they should have been able to handle. But that isn’t the reason IT lost. You only have to look to Blaze’s original post to see why they lost.
1st) Blaze, before the season even started, declared total war against the whole server with zero chances of merger or ceasefires, in his own words, this was incredibly poor strategy and foresight as it leaves zero diplomatic options for his alliance. OF COURSE the whole server is going to band together against IT, Legacy didn’t even have to try to turn anyone against IT. That’s on Blaze and no one else, he set the stakes before the match even started.
2nd) Blaze’s listen to leadership rule. IT’s leadership was awful, truly bad with seemingly no strategic analysis what so ever. Like Red said, Legacy would engage IT and IT would run off to try to take another city, diverting their big hitters and losing massive amounts of ground. A really telling example is that they decided their last big push of glory would be against a pve target Megadarra. It’s no coincidence a lot IT’s leadership were the first to jump ship to Legacy right after that, which is probably a bad thing for Legacy to have let them in the alliance, makes Legacy weaker. But I digress. I have no idea how they promoted their leaders, but Blaze should have been a bit pickier in his choices, maybe an analytic thinker or two that could say skip the PvE, all heavy hitters to the front, or someone that would tell him not to make a post declaring war on the whole server before the season even starts.
3rd) Blaze was overconfident, talked like his numbers would just role over the entire server, but his numbers weren't really there and his alliance was full of farmers and not much else. I can’t blame the alliance either because IT leadership was prioritizing PvE targets over engaging with Legacy so they were entirely following their leadership’s example. They were never a match for the combined Legacy and FM (Omitting War and Hydra because they weren’t needed). And yes, most of those PvE farmers are now in Legacy.

So when "god" says Blaze lost, I actually agree, it all boils down to Blaze and Misfits’ leadership is why IT lost, they are probably all great people but they made a lot bad calls, had poor strategic priorities, and didn’t know how to lead others to win. They put their alliance in the situation of the whole server vs them with no way out and no way to back up their talk. They had no idea or strategy to win outside of farming, which I will concede that they did better than anyone else including Legacy (held #1 in rank for a long time).

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