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Title: Fame / Territory [Print this page]

Author: Bianconeri11    Time: 2017-7-19 03:43
Title: Fame / Territory
I was wondering how you can increase your territory que when you have reached the max.
I have 3 cities and influence which is above 10.000 but no matter what I do (occupying other cities or higher land) I can't increase my territories (176). I see members with more than 250 territories.

I will appreciate any help

Author: Jayveon    Time: 2017-7-22 22:55
Maximum territory is based on fame (1% + 20). Fame gradually increases per day and you'll get appoximately an extra tile a day. It can also increase by completing quests. However there is a cap and you must build stargazer platforms in your cities to increase the cap. If you are not getting extra land, you'll need to start upgrading them immediately.

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