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Title: Alliance game imbalance [Print this page]

Author: Touchet    Time: 2017-7-18 12:08
Title: Alliance game imbalance
Right now, the game mechanics allow someone to take a tile adjacent to a tile that is owned by an another alliance member. Once it is taken, there is no way to get it back unless the alliance member give it up because you can't attack another alliance member. Normally to take a tile, one has to attack the land next to it and use those resources. This is leading to a situation where alliance members are using access to take others adjacent tiles with no recourse to get it back. serious imbalance.
Author: Touchet    Time: 2017-7-18 12:15
Continue:  This will lead to a situation where guilds are made up of a couple of strong players, and their serfs basically. If you drop out, they will attack. If you stay, they will just use your territory to take land around you base and hinder your growth. I spent the time conscripting, the resources, and troops to gain access to that land, another alliance member should not be able to access that tile without my permission and I should be able to regain that land if needed.
Author: Touchet    Time: 2017-7-18 12:26
A solution could be a deed or land grant that gives access to the alliance member for a certain amount of time. Like a land lease. This would keep the benefit of being able to use alliance territories to gather resources for unused adjacent tiles, but at the same not hinder the growth of other alliance members.
Author: Jello    Time: 2017-7-26 10:07
Theres no problem...the alliance your in is probably terrible with even worse leadership if this is a problem your having...

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