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Title: Changing gairos [Print this page]

Author: Jessesgrl    Time: 2017-6-17 06:25
Title: Changing gairos
I feel stupid but how do I get rid of my first ones that I have assigned because they suck now? I've tried everything but the right one. Frustrating
Author: Zendav    Time: 2017-7-18 18:10
I had this same problem! I looked everywhere and didn't see how I could change the ones I had in a group.

* tap your city, then Select Main City from pop up, then select group you want to change, Select deploy troops, now drag any or all of your three cards down into the list or drag up from list to replace what is there.

*Note when you drag down or replace the Gairo you will get refunded 80% of the cost of making them (Conscription).

Hope this helps and if it did for you click the up arrow Support! Thanks.
Author: MegaWind    Time: 2017-8-26 20:49
I had the same issue but finally figured it out.  It should not be called "deploy troops" as that to me means you are sending them somewhere.
"Change Gairos" would be a lot more accurate and clear.

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