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Title: Every Gairo Dismantle Skill [Print this page]

Author: Logical_Dale    Time: 2017-6-2 16:25
Title: Every Gairo Dismantle Skill
Here is a spreadsheet I made recently that has all of the gairo from rare - legendary and their dismantle skills. This should help all you new players with people who tell you which skill to get but don't know where to get it. ... CI/edit?usp=sharing

Author: txtbooksimp    Time: 2017-7-23 22:07
i do not know if anyone told you this but the file you posted is no more it would be an awesome file to have im working on one for the combinations

Author: Logical_Dale    Time: 2017-8-1 06:05
Lost the google account which came with it so I think the spreadsheet is lost, sorry

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