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Title: Quick Newbie Tips [Print this page]

Author: Logical_Dale    Time: 2017-5-30 05:09
Title: Quick Newbie Tips
So this is a quick tip for all you new players out there. Your first 48 hours of this game are absolutely vital. In your 48 hour truce period, nearly everything is shortened but to name some, there is the wounded recovery time which only takes 1 minute instead of 9 or 10 minutes and there is the Stamina it takes to go to places. You want to utilise these things to make your early game easier and I am sure you will find it to be much more rewarding if you take a bit of time out of your standard day to get that influence up and be ready to capture level 4 lands after your first 60 hours.

Author: Logical_Dale    Time: 2017-5-30 05:20
Don't be that player who never replies to private messages, never interacts with the alliance other than a simple 'hi' every now and again or don't be the person who doesn't tell their alliance when they can't make a siege or a large battle. Communication is, in my opinion, the essence of the game, and it's communication which makes this game so unique. The politics and making friends, choosing who to trust, is all done via communication so please use chat and please, always, tell your alliance if you have something up and can't make something your chief has chosen for your alliance to do.
Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-6-1 11:38
Dont take that player city!

So when I started my first hunch was to take another players city.  I was convinced I got all the same benifits as my city, thinking I could launch troops from there and gain resources.
ITS NOT TRUE LOL.   Also I learned that at low levels using orders to harvest paid x10 or more what taking a city did.  Bulid Barracks as fast as possible, not reserve's but the main ones at Govt L7.

Author: pj-    Time: 2017-6-28 14:04
yes, MacB i know that right now :)) Gvt7 asap
Author: pj-    Time: 2017-6-28 14:06
so in 48hrs all up ? lol how? u not get even into a good Ally, but now i am ;)
Author: BlackWall88    Time: 2017-8-26 02:28
How do you increase influence?

Author: Mr.J    Time: 2017-8-31 23:18
Build sub city and fortress and land

Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-9-17 14:06
It are some good tips for newer players! What I also suggest is using archer teams early on as a second team if you are able! And do not waste your time trying higher level fields if you are uncertain or the loss is to great! Conscription is a pain in the begingame. Remember influence does not equal strength.
Author: Kod’iak    Time: 2017-10-27 17:40
Why can’t I build a sub city? It says insufficient fame yet I’m at 4K now...

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