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Title: Help building my teams? [Print this page]

Author: GoofyBez    Time: 2017-5-22 09:56
Title: Help building my teams?
I've had three main assault teams, and now that I have my first sub of the server built i'm looking to expand into 5 assault teams. I pulled a Merlin and a Horus recently, they present an issue for me due to the lack of front gairos I have. I was hoping some of the veterans here can help build a few teams with me. Here is the list of the gairo I currently have. Some of them are waiting to be dismantled but if they serve a better purpose than I will use them.

Ymir, Prometheus, Rhea, Cronus, Gaia, Merlin, Horus, Theia, Oceanus, Helios, Iapetus, Britomartis, Baldur, Forseti, Bedivere, Coeus, Hephaestus, Maat, Mnemosyne, Eros, Demeter, Atalanta, Month, Apis, Hestia, Hermes, Bragi, Bes, Ammit, Chriron, Sobek, Theseus, Tethys, Hodr, Hector, Khepri, Khons, Minos, Mimir, Astraeus
Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-22 12:51


Although I like to use Hermes solo as a runner for forts, xp and Gario packs, I am kinda partial to certain Gario's but that is the teams I see. 2 siege and 2 attack.  I have unlocked 3rd skill spots for teams like that.  It still leaves several powerful options left over to make other teams.
Author: GoofyBez    Time: 2017-5-22 13:40
MacBizzo replied at 2017-5-22 12:51

So you're suggesting I leave almost all of my legendaries out ?
Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-22 14:42
no, use them to make what teams you like best.  I just cherry picked a few teams I would make.
Author: Beaux    Time: 2017-5-23 15:30
You could try:



Cavalry bonus would benefit Horus and Ymir
No Realm bonus.
Author: Beaux    Time: 2017-5-23 15:33

Cure/ActiveDamageSkill/ActiveSpiritDamageSkill(preferably 5 range, 4 minimum)
Cavalry bonus would benefit only Ymir
Nordic Realm bonus (x3) would also vary on your temple level.
Author: Beaux    Time: 2017-5-23 15:43

Cavalry bonus would be ineffective
Titan Realm bonus (x2) would also vary on your temple level.

Prometheus/Rhea/Uranus (last daily reward)

Cure/SpiritDamage/AttackDamage(Trail is easily attainable)

Cavalry bonus would benefit Uranus
Titan Realm bonus (x3) would also vary on your temple level.
Author: Dagger    Time: 2017-6-9 22:01
MacBizzo replied at 2017-5-22 12:51

I'm curious to what skills you would place on teh grouping "Minos, Atalanta, Hermes"

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-6-9 23:35
you have a couple great teams. wtg!  

Minos is great in the rear position of a Kings Group.
Minos/Agamenon/Cu Roi is my fave and Thesus will add some speed.

As for your group, it depends on usage?  This group is a great place for Minos to level up while a kings group lands in your deck.
It looks like you have both an assault and siege team.  Atalanta and Hermes are my favorite fort runners. They can fly solo or together.

If you are taking cities for your alliance its hard with horses, but this team can max at light siege numbers in the 100 range.
This will be good for taking lands from other players.  A speed build is also very possible for this trio.  Making them much faster to create your fort network for later in the game when constant travel is needed.

Other than base skills like speed and siege, to enhance divine mode if Atalanta the other horses can carry items like protection, wisdom, and avoid.
To enhance simple attack can include chase and foresight.  If you are just taking new lands something easy like counter attack and split attack create a powerful combination if all three Gairo carry the skills in the same allied team.  

Let me know if there are some other things you had in mind?

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