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Title: Guide - Season 1 SP Gairo Analysis <Lancelot> [Print this page]

Author: God    Time: 2017-5-11 22:44
Title: Guide - Season 1 SP Gairo Analysis <Lancelot>
Edited by God at 2017-5-11 23:15

SP Gairo are ONLY obtainable from End-Of-Season rewards, season 1. There are 5 SP Gairo you may choose from each season. SP Stands for SPECIAL, as they are extremely limited to get. Being special versions of their original cards, they have completely different skills and may have different stat growth. Normally, SP Gairo would be considered stronger versions of their originals, but in some cases that just isn't true. Listed below is a breakdown on the SP Gairo Lancelot.

SP Lancelot -

The most famous of the Knights of the Round Table. Brave, strong, and helpful, according to legend he was brought up by the lake fairy dependents, and is therefore known as the "Lake Knight."

SP Lancelot Skill - Challenge

Skill type: Active
Range: 5
Target: Single
Type: Infantry
Rate: 40%

1 Turn Prepares and randomly launches 7 attacks on any single enemy (initial damage rate 40%), Damage increases by 7% each time.
*Each level grows skill initial damage rate by 4.4%

Stats and growth:

Attack: 101 (+2.27)
Spirit: 78 (+1.12)
Defense: 92 (+2.23)
Speed: 64 (+1.14)
Siege: (+1.38)

Range: 3
Cost: 3.5
Realm: Celtic

Personal Thoughts:

Easily the best SP Gairo you can pick from the 5 released at the end of season 1. The only thing that changed between original Lancelot and the SP Version is the skill. His stat growth is still the most well rounded growth thus far. His new skill Challenge in my opinion is leagues stronger than his original. 7 Random attacks that strike the enemy and steadily grow stronger after each attack? Pretty OP if you ask me. A skill I think would be really powerful on him is Rise, which steadily increases attack damage at the beginning of each round.

Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-6-7 13:21
Season 2 Strongest $1800
Author: Chosen    Time: 2017-10-15 01:38
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Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-10-16 11:16
I use sp lancelot in one of my main teams he is amazingly powerful . Sp sphinx is in my opinion second.
Do you prefer him as front rear or center?

Author: Master-Ionia    Time: 2017-11-7 21:45
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Author: Master-Ionia    Time: 2017-11-10 00:26
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