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Author: TheEyeOfHorus    Time: 2017-5-9 20:00
This season 2 starting early for server 5-8 is bull crap. Server 8 was late by 3 weeks being released and the devs won't even give us that time. They are giving us less time than the fastest delphi cap time (84 days is fastest) and since we started late, which is their fault, they shouldn't start season 2 early for us. We don't have the gairo or the skills like servers 5-7 do plus our timeline is closer to server 10 than it is to server 7. Extent our timeline to what it's supposed to be or let our merge be with servers 9-12. I can tell you that if you do neither you will lose a lot of buyers from server 8 and a lot of good reviews
Author: Zaeter    Time: 2017-5-9 20:13
What the actual fuck is this timeline? Server 8 has almost no chance to get full rewards. S8 has 80 days to take the fastest cap of Delphi yet AND take all of the capitols. The current record for Delphi is 84 days and all capitols in 87 days. Devs are royally screwing S8. S5/6 might be complaining about season 2, but screwing S8 to pacify them is bullshit. We've payed our money and worked just like everyone else. I understand Devs want to square off the servers, but this IS NOT OK. You're practically handing season 2 to S5/6 and will lose all of your players from S7 and absolutely all payers from S8 by doing this. The outcry from S8 has been phenomenal. Continuing on with the current date for season 2 will only alienate these players and harm IC as a whole. Reconsider the date for season 2...

Author: nickeyblaze    Time: 2017-5-10 10:53
Edited by nickeyblaze at 2017-5-10 10:56

yes no one will be happy.  We were not happy waiting over a month + so far doing nothing.  We completed everything on 4/3/2017 and could have done it 3 days faster if we wanted to do it Friday but decided to let everyone enjoy the weekend.  We started on 1/23 and cleared everything by the 10th Monday on 4/3.  You started on 2/28 so technically if you wanted to match our speed you should have cleared it yesterday..  

Please don't whine if you don't have your facts straight.
Author: nickeyblaze    Time: 2017-5-10 10:57
in fact u all luck out.  You could have completed it all in the same amount of time we did and only had to wait a week thus keeping many players still around.  We lost many due to boredom.
Author: Zaeter    Time: 2017-5-10 11:48
nickeyblaze replied at 2017-5-10 10:53
yes no one will be happy.  We were not happy waiting over a month + so far doing nothing.  We comple ...

It's not our fault S8 was released 3 weeks apart from S7. Punishing our timeline for a messed up start time is bs. I understand S5 and 6 are waiting around farming cards and I understand you want season 2 to start immediately. However that screws over 1/4 of the next season players by doing so. We have 2.5 months of season 1, and 5/6 have 3.75. That means a 50% bonus to cards, team composition, and planning. 5/6 had all the time in the world to take Delphi and all of the capitols, and 8 is going to have to burn everything to even attempt getting tier 2 season rewards. While we might be a running a week late behind the fastest Delphi caps, cutting our season time by 50% is absolute garbage. That's an entire tier of capitol gems and season rewards being taken from us, as well as dealing with a 30 day handicap of card draws and calendar gems. We already had a massive disadvantage with our server start time, and this season end date is a slap in the face on top of that.

Author: nickeyblaze    Time: 2017-5-10 11:57
While I hear your complaints there will never be a solution as you will always be month+ behind us and more so from server 5.  Skill overtakes time in this game.  Immortal for example had entered season 2 with no real gairos (I think he had 10 total with ~4 legends) and only got 1 legend SP card as a reward from the generosity of an alliance letting him in b4 reset so he could test out the rewards.  He was #1 and been top 10 in season 2 the entire time.   
So please don't think that just because you don't have 1 extra month it means you will be at some disadvantage that skill can't overcome.

Now that said yes you are slower than server 6 in clearing everything and if the roles were reversed and we were server 8 and you were server 6 we would be done by now and you may be done by now if you had an extra 5 weeks.

Just get your house together.  Clear the last 3 capitals and be done.  it isn't hard to do.  We did a capital a day every day until we went for Delphi at the end which we just took our time on and still cleared it with tons of time to spare.  Easily done with cordination.

So give your guys a pep talk and kick some pve a$$.  sheesh


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