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Title: Announcement of Season 2 Update [Print this page]

Author: Echole    Time: 2017-5-4 04:39
Title: Announcement of Season 2 Update
Dear Lord,
After update, following content will be available:

[Season 2 and Kingdom System]
- <Season 2> Kingdom system: Occupy all cities in an Area as an alliance and your alliance leader can establish a Kingdom.
  Creating a Kingdom also opens up a whole new set of leadership positions such as King, General-in-Chief, Consul, High Priest, and more, bringing greater depth to the game.
- <Season 2> PVP EXP available in Epic Achievement - “Expand Land”.
- <Season 2> Training EXP 100% Bonus  available in Epic Achievement - “Capture City II”.
- <Season 2> Exchange Resource Package with Honor available in Epic Achievement  - “Alliance Competitions”.

- Alliance member can be appointed as the General after the alliance or the Kingdom occupied a center city.
  After the alliance members rally up their troops in the center city, the General can combine those troops as a legion to attack enemies.

[Other New Function]
- The “Notice” button can lead you to the game forum.
- Now you can send mails to Group Channel.
- Rename function available in <Season 2> .

- Drill troop formation will be reset automatically when COST limit is exceeded.
- Map Event won’t appear on lands in Dropping.
- Battle play can be skipped in Drill.
- You can attack your master alliance (if any) after it is occupied by other alliance.
- Optimize Battle Report
- Add personal e-mail Notification
- During Server Merge, the cool-down time after leaving an alliance is decreased to 30 mins.

[Functional Adjustment]
- Skill Learning and Forgetting can only be performed in the main city.
- Adjust the COST for “Extreme Hard I” in Drill to 10.
- “Guard” is now renamed as “Priest”, also has brand new image.

[Skill Adjustment]
- The max level of skill ‘Eye of Horus’ of Horus (Legendary) after adjustment: Passive skill allows you to move first in each round. The rate of Active skill of attacking will by increased by 20%. While attacking, there will be a 30% chance of increasing damage by 50%.
- The skill of ‘Supreme Guard’ of Galahad (Legendary) after adjustment: Increases the attack attributes, defense attributes, speed attributes, spirit attributes (affected by spirit) of team by 15 respectively, which lasts 2 turns, with a 50% chance of making the team enter avoidance status and be immune from damage from the next 3 attacks.
- The effective rate of the Skill “Stored Power” is increased from 35% to 40%.
- ‘Passion’ becomes a Passive Skill. Max level: In each round, there is a 30% chance to increases the damage of attacks and spirit attacks by 60%, which lasts 1 turn.
- Skill ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Harvest’ will make 2 targets of ally team (except self) in effective range enter recovery status.

We hope you have great playtime with Immortal Conquest.

IC Team

Author: Tuan    Time: 2017-6-12 17:42
Can you help me please!
I have been play few different server in same account . what happen if server merged, all the card will return in same acc or wat. Thank you
Author: SuperCid    Time: 2017-6-24 16:12
Well if thats the case i put money into the game for no reason at all i might as well of left my wallet in the street

Author: Smee    Time: 2017-6-27 08:47
When does season 2 start?
Author: Shaggy    Time: 2017-7-8 23:25
Woot woot can't

Author: Phil    Time: 2017-7-24 12:28
Pourquoi je redémarre à zéro. Where is my game? I return at first time. Why
Author: Invictus    Time: 2018-7-15 14:55
any updates?
Author: Invictus    Time: 2018-7-15 15:04
ill be recording my transition from season 1 to season 2 in server Global 45 with Jupiter's Legion Alliance Victors from server Global 41. I will upload the link later.

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