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Title: Guide [Top Skills]: In-depth Skill Breakdown – [Shield](Gold) [Print this page]

Author: Titan    Time: 2017-4-30 08:04
Title: Guide [Top Skills]: In-depth Skill Breakdown – [Shield](Gold)
Edited by Titan at 2017-5-7 04:48

Skill (level 10):

Description (level 1):
Increases self troop's defense attributes by 14.0 (affected by spirit).

Although this is a great defensive skill when used on the right Gairo, its use is limited since it needs a high spirit Gairo to be most effective.

On a 211 Spirit Gairo, the bonus is 74.2 defense increase. Quite substantial for a 100% guaranteed passive skill.

Suitable pairing Gairo/Skills:
Prometheus is a clear choice for this skill. Place all extra attributes into his spirit. This will not only boost Prometheus' spirit defense and 'Steady Guard' skill damage, but will maximise the increase of the 'Shield' skill.
The defense increase is of greater benefit to Gairo like Prometheus because his base skill also gains strength from higher defense attributes.
Quirky builds with front-line high spirit gairo can also benefit from this skill (such as front-line Hades or front-line Medea).

Author: Felgor    Time: 2017-5-7 01:45
Which Gairo give this skill?

Author: Titan    Time: 2017-5-7 04:50
This skill can be dismantled from either 'Crius' or 'Vidar'.
Both are 4 star Gairo.
Author: Zark    Time: 2017-6-13 12:49
What kind of mitigation can you expect to see from the defensive boost?   Trying to weigh its effectiveness vs. Cure or another heal type skill.

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