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Title: Guide [Top Skills]: In-depth Skill Breakdown – [Meditate](Gold) [Print this page]

Author: Titan    Time: 2017-4-30 07:35
Title: Guide [Top Skills]: In-depth Skill Breakdown – [Meditate](Gold)
Edited by Titan at 2017-4-30 07:38

Skill (level 10):

Description (level 1):
Removes negative effects, increases defence by 25.0, and offers protection to all allied forces to help them withstand normal attacks, Effects last 2 Turns.

This is an ideal defender skill. This skill will cause this Gairo to recieve attacks from enemy Gairo that were intended for other (usually more vulnerable) Gairo on your team. The skill also boosts the defender Gairo's defense by 50 during the 2 turns that they are soaking up the fire for your team.

On the right Gairo, this skill allows you to use a solid defense Gairo as a meat-shield for the rest of your army, whilst the others deal the damage.

Furthermore, the skill can be used to an even greater degree on defense gairo that also have counter attack skills.
As the extra attacks are being redirected on to this Gairo, each of these redirected attacks is not only being well defended by the correct Gairo, they are also being automatically counter attacked every time.

Suitable pairingGairo/Skills:
Any front line defense Gairo that has a strong defense skill and high defense stats is a good candidate for this skill (e.g. Thanatos or Prometheus).
Gairo such as Osiris that have high defense and automatic counter-attacks are also great for this skill, as the extra attacks directed at them will cause more counter-attacks to be directed at the enemy.

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