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Title: Dont forget the market!!! [Print this page]

Author: stunkcuf    Time: 2017-4-14 03:53
Title: Dont forget the market!!!
so being also new to this game i was running into the issue of having way to much wood! maybe it was different for you you had way to much (iron,food,stone) any ways here i am hitting the cap over and over. [INTERIOR] =>MARKET

GREATEST THING EVER!!! sure the rates kind of suck but......BUT i can finally trade enough for the building i want! just thought i would remind and inform any one new to the game.

this could really make or break the game for you i think as if you can never reach the rss needed to upgrade. i could see ppl quiting due to frustration.

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-20 12:55
you can build up to three markets between your main and sub cities.

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