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Title: Pre-regerstration and Google [Print this page]

Author: Rickorous    Time: 2016-12-9 06:21
Title: Pre-regerstration and Google
I pre-regestered with my google account but was unable to sign on with it due to the fault as per the photo. I signed on with Facebook to start and will now not receive my reward.

Screenshot_2016-12-09-10-52-46.png (161.17 KB, Downloads: 1)


Author: KevinCuloras    Time: 2016-12-9 11:12
Hi, Rickorous! Are your registration still on the step?
We've send the massage to our development part.
!!Thanks a lot!
Hope you would have a nice time in the game
Author: Rickorous    Time: 2016-12-9 17:38
Hi, thanks for the reply. I dont know what you mean by on the step. I am enjoying the game thankyou.
Author: Rickorous    Time: 2016-12-11 21:24
Is there an update?
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Title: Pre regerstration and Google
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Title: Pre regerstration and Google


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Author: youtubersuper    Time: 2019-11-16 15:33
Title: Pre regerstration and Google
Hello KNTRO,

jes I have Souncloud Plugin.Mysterious is today my aimp Player works again with Soundcloud.
I think this was a bug from SOUNDCLOUD.

Thanks for your help.

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