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Title: Several kinds of commonest hero group in immortal conquest! [Print this page]

Author: Frank    Time: 2016-12-5 23:31
Title: Several kinds of commonest hero group in immortal conquest!
Edited by Frank at 2016-12-6 04:58

Collected from China version immortal conquest.Of course you dont need to do exactly what I said. I just provide a way or sample for you.thanks for watching.

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Author: Frank    Time: 2016-12-6 04:56
Edited by Frank at 2016-12-6 04:59

Author: Frank    Time: 2016-12-6 04:57
Frank replied at 2016-12-6 04:56
get trouble with picture quality.try again

now better~~:)

Author: Sepsnow    Time: 2016-12-6 07:50
Thans for your sharing:)
Author: Jeremy    Time: 2016-12-6 10:06
Pretty cool Frank thank you!
Author: Ooidal    Time: 2016-12-30 06:27
I just noticed, despite being in the Forum database, that Balor shows up nowhere in the summon card groups.  Does this mean you can only get him via a special black market deck or something?  

And although I see the power of the egyptian group, don't at lot of their abilities overlap (damage immunity for the first 2 turn, damage reduction for first 4 turns, cowardice for 2 turns (earliest cast end of round 1)?  Like drop apophis for Fionn or something to get to his round 3 burn for free.  

Arthur also just seems stupid broken.  Is there a card that can deny healing to all three enemy forces?
Author: Frank    Time: 2017-1-12 20:44
Ooidal replied at 2016-12-30 06:27
I just noticed, despite being in the Forum database, that Balor shows up nowhere in the summon card  ...

sorry I didnt rely as soon as I can.
first question . No you cant buy 5star hero in black market.
second question...sorry Its really hard to explain. plz wait and I will write a guide about that.
final question. Thor!グッ!(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Author: Ooidal    Time: 2017-1-13 01:18
It's alright Frank, I'm figuring the game out relatively quickly.  I'm just curious.  It would be nice to have a set of definite rules to explain interactions during battles (like why does Hades' curse sometimes hit twice even when the enemy only does a basic attack, or why do certain same type % enhancing spells overlap, while others do not).  Some spells also have ambiguous descriptions which seem to imply something without definitively stating it (Balor's primary spell could be ready as "always fire active spells every turn" as in your secondary and third spell, or like meditate (Conlaoch's detachable) says it offers protection to the whole team without saying what that is; does he give them avoidance, or 25 defence, or?).

I also saw Balor in the above teams but don't quite understand why he's good.  His primary is just spirit form but a bit stronger.
Author: mechx    Time: 2017-1-17 19:20
Is there a full list of English vs chinese names available?
Author: Ooidal    Time: 2017-1-18 02:16
If you're asking for all of the english names, they're on the cards (at the top).  The chinese, I don't know about.
Author: Felgor    Time: 2017-1-18 22:45
Just wondering, what makes these Trio's the most powerful?
Author: Jello    Time: 2017-6-3 18:13
What skills would be on the Hades/Athena/Ares group? If they were all 3rd slotted?
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