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Title: Servers 53-56 Getting Screwed Over [Print this page]

Author: DrMonotone    Time: 2019-9-18 20:12
Title: Servers 53-56 Getting Screwed Over
Yikes, not sure if everyones heard but not only are servers 53-56 being sent to season three without any additional servers being added but servers 57-58 are being shot straight into season two without even taking Roma. This came out of the blue with literally no warning and quiet frankly everyone's crapping themselves since this basically ruins months of planning. Before you say this is normal, like I said no new servers are being added and the alliance my main is in completely controls the servers, all the strongest migrating to it after a long war. We were expecting months of waiting as 60 hadn't even formed to send its predecessors into season two which then wouldve sent us into season three.

I have no idea if there was a way to solve this nor do I think the devs would do anything if we petitioned them to not ruin our gameplay. Either way the server I main on will most likely be ruined since all the strongest players are in Mayhem (The dominant alliance) and the only thing to do will be farm and pvp. Many have said this is a last ditched effort to scrounge up cash which I find appalling considering this game is not only a mobile app that may update fairly often, but still shouldn't require the literal thousands some players push into it.

I completely expect this to be removed very quickly, I just wished to share the unjust nature with which the later servers are being treated.

Author: Beauvais    Time: 2020-1-7 04:45
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Author: MyungSchurr    Time: 2020-1-14 06:23
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