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Title: Lost My Account [Print this page]

Author: Marker77    Time: 2019-8-8 18:48
Title: Lost My Account
I accidently unbound my account with Game Center. I have many servers I play on and have spent alot time and money on each. I did contact the devs and gave them all the servers and names I play under. Is there anything else I can do to expediate the process? I login under facebook also and all of those alt accounts are fine. It just my main accounts under Game Center login that is lost. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Author: Marker77    Time: 2019-8-27 19:08
Edited by Marker77 at 2019-8-27 19:10

I finally got all my main accounts back but under a guest login. After18 messages to the devs, I still haven’t figured out how to rebind my accounts.
Here is my challenge:
1. I can’t rebind on Game Center as it says I’m already registered. The devs told me to create a new GC but first needed a new iTunes account. I did that and created a new GC  still same problem. Keeps saying I.m already registered.
2. . The devs say just bind to Facebook butI have alts that are bound on FB on the same server. Then they say create another FB and rebind with no details how my main accounts will recognize the new FB. And how to I go back and forth from main accounts to alts on the same server bound by FB

I accidentally unbound my main accounts with GC. Now my main accounts a unbound. Can anyone refer me to a link on how to get my main accounts bound when GC and FB don’t seem to be an option?
You would think a muti-million gaming company would figure a simple way to bind accounts en when you unbind them by mistake. Any help is appreciated!
Author: youtubersuper    Time: 2019-11-6 09:11
Title: Lost My Account
If you have lost your stats, just login with your account the one where you have lost your stats and ask any ingame administrator to restore them. They can fix your problem right away


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