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Title: Damage vs. army size [Print this page]

Author: Duo    Time: 2019-7-10 00:01
Title: Damage vs. army size
As you level up, your gairos can command more soldiers in their armies. Also, when you build barracks, the maximum army size increases as well. You lose when army size goes to zero, so it is obvious that larger armies are more tanky. However, if you want to send one troop to get multiple lands before returning for conscripting, you will not have a full size army in later battles. Are you going to lose more soldiers because your army does not have enough soldiers? Maybe, since army size might be related to the damage you can deal - the lower the damage, the longer your enemy will last and you will lose more soldiers. In this post, I am going to study if there is a relation between damage and the number of soldiers in the army.

My approach is to use the battle reports and study how the damage between the same pair of gairos on each side change as the army size decreases in the battle.
Army size damage
7000 496
6601 492
5554 463
5685 483

We can see that it is not directly related. Maybe related to the difference of the size of the armies? I will study it in the next post.

Author: Duo    Time: 2019-7-10 01:39
Now I study the difference in army size vs. damage, with the same method as illustrated above. Army A is the attacking army.

Army A size Army B size Difference Damage
7000 6769231496
6601 51661435492

Army A sizeArmy B sizeDifferenceDamage
Does not seem to work either.

Author: Duo    Time: 2019-7-10 01:43
I looked at more reports. There does seem to be a relation between damage and army sizes of either gairo.
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