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Title: Can’t access account [Print this page]

Author: Greggreg    Time: 2019-6-1 06:51
Title: Can’t access account
I’ve been playing the same account since server 8 and I can’t access my account. It won’t let me join my server saying the server is full but I played there yesterday. Please help
Author: Greggreg    Time: 2019-6-24 20:16
Update. It’s been 3 weeks with no reply. I’ve posted similar dev help messages anywhere I could find. If anyone has an account in season x please tell grumpy, dverger, jackyl or ssnake that Auburn can’t login to his account. Wish I could have told folks bye at a minimum since I’ve played with the same folks for years but clearly the devs don’t care. It was fun playing but I’m done whether by choice or not. Good luck to anyone hoping to get reply’s from devs.

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