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Title: game crashing!!!!! [Print this page]

Author: Axodeth    Time: 2019-4-16 15:45
Title: game crashing!!!!!
I've put in ticket after ticket, nothing being done about game crashing every couple minutes on iPhone 6s Plus. money has been spent on this game and I'm extremely pissed, do something to earn the money you're collecting.

Author: fhgfrtryu    Time: 2019-8-19 01:55
Title: game crashing
A couple days ago i got the humble bundle so i can play. It was working that night when i downloaded it but now it keeps crashing after i go to start into a game. Ive tried looking around and i tried asking the steam forums and nothing is helping. hopefully i can get help here.
Author: DeltavBindy    Time: 2019-8-22 16:03
Title: game crashing
First of all Id like to point out my modded game has no problems running in Albion - Ive got almost 50 hours logged in Albion with my current mods as I had to start fresh.

I can pop in and out of DeVries, and spend time near the jump gate with seemingly no problems but once I go beyond the jumpgate to another zone I get random crashes.

The crashing occurs no matter what Im doing - highways, shooting, or just sitting there doing nothing.

Ive turned the game settings to low / off, which made no difference.

My game status is Ive got the construction ship, but its been parked in Albion and not used yet.

Im using Realtek audio, but drivers are up to date.

GPU is GTX 770 - but again, in Albion, no problems using ultra settings and x2 vanilla draw distance mod.

12g corsair vengeance memory
Intel i7 4790 CPU.
Samsung 840 EVO - 500gb SSD
Windows 7

Game launched as Admin.

Are there crash files I can post, and is there an easy way to pull off my mod list - Im using NMM.

Edit - Im using Voice Attack too, but Albion system plays for hours just fine.
Author: DanfosvltrBindy    Time: 2019-8-24 20:47
Title: game crashing
Oh and by the way please dont say its due to graphics or sound drivers. I say this for 2 reasons:
1 i cant update my drivers for some reason my computer wont let me
2 i already ruled those out because the game was working fine 2 days ago
Author: JawerplRig    Time: 2019-8-29 08:49
Title: game crashing

Nuking the game and settings and re-installing everything from scratch resolved the issue.

Got the idea because X3: Terran Conflict looked remarkably similar, and it was working just fine. I dont know if its a logical connection, but it worked out.
Author: DanfosvlsvBindy    Time: 2019-9-21 10:05
Title: game crashing
Had a quick run around the map and it is also crashing when trying to go into Ceos Doubt..

Seems certain sectors cause my game to crash.. Cant find any fault with the game except for this.. Everything runs flawlessly, except certain sectors seem to be off limits to me and cause a crash..

One thing.. When I uninstall, I also go to C:program files x86egosoft and I delete this directory.. But when I install again, the saved games reappear.. Is there other directories I should find and delete?
Author: DanfosqBindy    Time: 2019-11-7 01:45
Title: game crashing
You pretty much state that it was adding new mod files that started all this. Removing those files will not help if you carry on from a save made at any time with those files installed.  Does the game crash without those new files from a fresh start or from a save made before you added in those files? If not, then there is your answer.

If it does crash from a fresh start or save made before those files were installed, then you probably need to do a complete game wipe and clean full reinstall and then add back your mods one by one checking in a fresh start if it crashes after each one. When you get as far as you can with that without crashing, then try your last save made before you installed the suspect files. If it works then great but dont use those last mod files again as they may be clashing with and overwriting something else that you do actually need to keep playing.

BTW, this would have been better placed in the S&M forum.

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Author: DanfosvlsvBindy    Time: 2019-11-8 04:26
Title: game crashing
Well your drivers are extremely out of date, pre-dating Windows 7 SP1, so they could well be part of the problem. If your PC wont let you update them then there is clearly something wrong. Do you perhaps not have administrator rights?

Drivers aside, you do also have a number of known problem codecs which you maybe installed since it last worked. The ones that jump out of the list are the CyberLink and MainConcept ones, and these will probably need to be removed before the game will work.

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