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Title: From iOS to android [Print this page]

Author: a02arifa    Time: 2019-1-18 00:47
Title: From iOS to android

I have recently moved from IOS devices (IPAD, Iphone) to andriod (Samsung phone and tablet). I would like to keep the same profile and data as my game center for the one game that I play. when i Logon the only option is to sign on to the game is from google play where as previously this was game center. obviously all my history and account information is linked to Game center and I would like to know how i can continue playing from my new device. 

please advise

Author: youtubersuper    Time: 2019-11-13 10:57
Title: From iOS to android
I created my kingdom "Tharmada" on my iOS device and linked it to my Facebook.

I tried loading it from my bluestacks on the PC using Facebook but its not working.

Can you please assist me with this problem?
Author: Rubenfut    Time: 2020-2-22 15:48
Title: From iOS to android
I consider, that you are mistaken. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM.

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