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Title: Poor customer Service [Print this page]

Author: SirPhen    Time: 2019-1-11 04:26
Title: Poor customer Service
   There seems to be no problem in accepting money for Immortal Conquest, but when players become locked out of their accounts,and there are MANY, getting some resolution or even finding an easy way to make contact is difficult.

   NetEase must find a better way to have players that are having issues, find and connect with Game Support.

   I have been locked out of my game and server for days.

   Find someone and somehow to assist me with these I. Game problems.

Author: Axodeth    Time: 2019-4-16 15:48
Your post is from Jan 11 2019 and not even a response from support, figures. I'm getting done the same way.
Author: licujagi    Time: 2019-4-27 03:39 registration

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