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Title: What is the deal with Empires [Print this page]

Author: Fordicus    Time: 2019-1-6 18:51
Title: What is the deal with Empires
There are rumors going around that kingdoms can join up under a master kingdom to create an empire and therefore share in the rewards that the master kingdom/alliance gets. Is this true?  If true, what seasons does it apply to.
Author: MichaelVettori    Time: 2019-10-3 02:27
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Author: DrMonotone    Time: 2019-10-4 23:09
Dude that had literally nothing to do with the topic at hand, as for the empires- I haven't heard about that yet though it would be a decent implementation as long as they limited it to keep the fighting going.

Author: NolaTurcotte    Time: 2019-10-23 08:19
Yeah, I have also heard some rumors that in next update of this game different kingdoms can joins up and can establish an empire. You can buy essay online cheap now. If these rumors are accurate, then next update will be the biggest update ever.
Author: freyacollins    Time: 2019-12-17 03:47
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