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Title: Gairo Team Building [Print this page]

Author: eporkchop    Time: 2018-11-15 21:33
Title: Gairo Team Building
After playing this game for a while. I would like to share some tips to help new joiners regarding team building.
Five Class of Gairos

Great for season start. Cheap low cost but they are only strong in early till mid season. They are more of a balanced team and have decent strength in def and attack

Recommended team for start of season
Theia (rear) : Chase - Repeated Attack > Cheap and easy to acquire skills in early season makes you strong in attack damage which is needed in early game
Helios (mid) : Lightning - Malevolence > His main skill is spirit damage, to balance things up, adding Lightning for some damage and Crowd Control, Malevolence is for debuff as Helios def is too low to be a mid Gario
Prometheus (front) : Cure - Avoid > Cure is the best cheap skill to have for every season, to lower troop conscripting and rss and so is Avoid.

Mid Season
Theia (rear) : Trail - Repeated Attack > Cheap and easy to acquire skills in mid season makes you strong in attack damage which is needed in early game
Gaia (mid) : Lightning - Spirit Flame > Once you get Gaia, use her, her main skill is very strong in defence buff. Spirit Flame to add damage to spirit attack
Prometheus (front) : Tacit Agreement - Gust > Tacit is the skill to get and get it fast. It only works with front Gairo with strong Spirit attribute and so is Gust

Egyptians archers are the best in game and you usually get to form them during mid seaon. They are mainly strong in long range spirit attack and only decent in normal attack

Recommended team
Amon (rear) : Diversion - Dodge > Dodge gives you a great def buff in first 3 turns and hopefully Throne Guard can take that chance to fire before 3rd turn ends so you got protection the whole fight
Nephthys (mid) : Plot - Physcological Attack > Plot is a skill for mid or front Gairo as it fires instantly without preparation, mid and front Gairos are more susceptible to CC skills. Physcological Attack gives her some boost in self healing which she needs it badly for her poor defence
Anubis (front) : Tacit Agreement - Gust/Thunder > Gust/Thunder for obvious reason and Tacit is great for healing for Anubis himself and either of the Gairo

Conclusion: This above team is very strong in Defence  and Healing which will save you lots of RSS, test and proven. Excellent team to fight NPCs on high level lands with minumium death rate. But they do not do well in PVPs. This is a team more for farming than for PVP.

Other Teams I encountered
Super PVP Killer Team
Sphinx (rear) : Mortal Combo - Shock
Ra (mid) : Bounty - Intermediate Confusion
Anubis (front) : Surprise Attack - Tacit Agreement

Seth (rear) : Diversion - Spirit Form
Ra (mid) : Spirit Flame - Intermediate Confusion
Anubis (front) : Surprise Attack - Bounty

To be continued...........

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Author: XochitlHossein    Time: 2020-5-23 00:46
The task of the Gairo Team Building is not easy and if it is done well, it can help you in rapidly progressing in the game. I have completed this task by visiting site and using all of the required help so that I could achieve better results.

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