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Title: Crashing at server select [Print this page]

Author: Zark    Time: 2018-8-22 11:49
Title: Crashing at server select
Game crashing every time I get to the server select screen.  Immortal Conquest logo pops up and the game crashes to my home page with no error message before servers can even populate.  I've been playing on the same galaxy s8+ for over a year.  After todays patch, it felt like the game was lagging pretty bad even with defined vision turned off.  I descided to uninstall and reload the game, after that I started having this issue.  So far I've tried disabling samsung game tools & google play games.  I've tried to uninstall and reinstall.  I've even done a full factory reset of my phone.  I've disabled auto screen rotate as that has cause me issues in the past. I've tried loading the game through google play games and through the samsung game launcher.  nothing seems to be fixing my issue.  Please help.

Author: Kruul    Time: 2018-8-23 07:53
This is not an answer, but I have the same issue.  Would appreciate it being fixed.
Author: Bulvine    Time: 2018-8-23 14:47
I am having same bug, tried same things as Zark. I have a Samsung Note 8.
Author: Vinnyirl    Time: 2018-8-23 16:38
Bulvine replied at 2018-8-23 14:47
I am having same bug, tried same things as Zark. I have a Samsung Note 8.

Same problem here on the S7
Author: Conan    Time: 2018-8-23 21:40
Glad im not the only one seems to be Samsung i have s7 cant get into my account Ethier
Author: beanmeister    Time: 2018-8-24 00:14
Samw thing on S8
Author: Eve    Time: 2018-8-24 11:11
Chatted to Samsung, let them navigate my phone and see what's going on.  They said would have to wait for another update from immortal to let our software in.  Or something.  I'm not a tech person to understand the lingo.  So we wait some more.
Author: Bulvine    Time: 2018-8-24 11:33
Unbelievable that tech support is not responding to the thread. How incompetent to drop a patch that obviously crashes on Samsung devices.

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