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Title: Your First 48 Hrs + Tactics, Tips and Strategy Guide [Print this page]

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-3-28 11:40
Title: Your First 48 Hrs + Tactics, Tips and Strategy Guide
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-6-4 22:51

Official Game Guide:  Easy to Advanced
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The Market
Fence 101
Fence 202
Fence 202
Fence 202
Fence 202
Fence 202
Level 3 Lands
Choke 101
Choke 202
Scout for a City
Troop Bonus
Siege Teams 101
Siege 101
Grid, Fence, Choke 202
The Grid
Heal 101
Heal 101
Heal 202
Siege Teams 202
Training 101
Attack Skills 101
Attack Skills 202
Forts 101
Alliance 101
Alliance 101
Training 202
Enhancement 101
City Siege Notes
Territory Management
Daily Drills Reminder
Troop Management 101
New City 101
XP Scrolls
Gario Recommendations
Harvest 101 and 202
New City 202
Fence 202
Market 202
Enhancement 202
Fence 202
ID# and Player info
Back 2 Basics
Forts 202
Synchronized Deployment
Noob Alert
Alliance Synergy
Attacking from a Distance
Level 4 Lands
Level 5 Lands
City Creation Notes
A Very Common Mistake
Alliance Officer Notes
Using Guard to Attack
Move A City
How to Drop a Fort
Open Boarders
Barracks, L5 Lands and Troops
Alliance Intelligence
Spottig Ruins
Production Value with Forts
Dismantle a Gario
Crossing Rivers w/o a Warf
Being Occupied
Dont Freak Out
Multi-Realm Alliance Functions
Sub-City Frenzy
Production Tip
Train on L6 Land
Alliances and City Raids
Two 3 Red Star Gario Teams
City Siege's
Stocking up on 3 Red Star Gario
Think Local and Act Global
Quick Tip on Siege of Cities
Banking 101
Drills and Banking 202
Epic Gario Skill Cost
Quick Tip: Tile Snipping
Exchange Skill Points
Fort Travel
General Meyham 101
Off Site Chat
Pick the Right Real Estate 101
Pick the Right Real Estate 202
Pick the Right Real Estate 303
Rally Troops
General Meyham 202
"That Guy"
Mountain Forts
Donate to Your Alliance
Golden Scroll XP
Gario Teams - Olympic Horsemen I
Gario Teams - Olympic Horsemen II
Gario Teams - Basic Titans
Gario Teams - Egyptian Siege I
Gario Teams - Nordic Horsemen I
Gario Teams - Mixed Siege I
Gario Teams - Olympic Infantry Siege I
Gario Teams - Nordic Horsemen II
Gario Teams - Egyptian Assault I
Gario Teams - Egyptian Explorer I
Training on L7 and L8 Lands
Epic Gario Pack III
Gairo Teams - Egyptian Assault II
Gairo Teams - Egyptian Explorer II
Fort Runner I
Mixed Seige II
Dynamic Duo's
Fort Runner II
Gairo Teams - Nordic Archers I
Gairo Team - Nordic Horsemen II
Gairo Teams - Healing Titans I
Gairo Teams - Egyptian Explorer III
Gairo Teams - Olympic Guard I
Gairo Teams - Titan Guard I
Gairo Teams - Damage Inc.
4 Gairo Groups - Kings + 3 more
Pro Tip: Coin Summoning Order
Pro Tip: Free Summon - "Flash Game"
Pro Tip: Top Secret I
Pro Tip: Top Secret II
Entry Level Seige I
Sample Alliance Structure

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Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-3-28 11:42
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Official Game Guide:  Easy to Advanced
This Massive Game Guide will answer 100's of questions.
100+ posts with 200+ Screen Shots!

Start Here with the very basics in your first 48 hours as a new players.

( Intro )

( Your Game Play)

( Part 1: Money )

( Part 2: Seasons )

( Part 3: Alliance ) DO NOT... Start your own Alliance! As a 1st season player you will not have the resources that other players who are on second seasons and beyond. It is pointless for you to start an Alliance. Odds are that you will not have the personal skills to manage an alliance. Can you create off site chats, spreadsheets, attack cities in every realm while defending your own. Can you manage personal conflicts, both in your own alliance and with other alliances? I hope you get the point, basically persons on medical leave or unemployed have enough time in the day to manage such things. ALSO... the BIGGEST MISTAKE I SEE IS... a player who refuses to join an Alliance that overs free resources from captures cities. Please dont do this. Player after player on server after server to this... sending them a polite email telling them that if they join they get resources (rss) every hour for free. Poof they get scared and Rove wasting any progress they had. Again, please dont be that player.

( Part 4: The City )

Example 1: With 3 Gario Troops all over level 10, it takes several attacks from the troops to gain one city district, furthermore it will take several attacks on the city its self to take it over as well. So at lower levels if your neighbor can not take over level 3-4 lands, they are no threat to you. See more below on fence, grid, and choke. It seems like the more land around the city you own the easier it gets to do damage to the next plot and the city. Next consider the Stamina of each Gario who can only make so many trips and they the time to get new troops, your not going to die fast. If you do feel a threat is near by join an alliance, move your city or rove to a new home.

Example 2: Looking into the future, you MUST CONSERVE RESOURCES AND GEMS! If you want level 4 and 5 lands dont wast your time with anything but production mills and the market. It is a higher level than the reserve barracks. Unlock Govt Halls will equal getting high level resources.

( Part 5: The Drills )

( Part 6: The Skills ) Do Not Chase Skills!! Just stock up on XP, keeping a floor of about 500 in case you summon a 5 star Gario. Focus on the quests and the items mentioned in part 3. Build a city worth protecting, hit wall L1 by the end of the 48 hours. Later in the game the Skills and Gario will be radically more powerful. Do not waste your experience leveling up the skills past level 1, unless they are a 4 or 5 star Gario. Example Helios has the blazing sun skill which is valuable up to level 3, the same with Iapetus and Coeus. This is a great team and the reason for the importance of the Front Barracks. Another great addition is Hecate, she is fast, can heal, and is easy to upgrade. Of course if you have the cure skill its great to level it up to L3 like heal. Another reason to not upgrade skills in the second slot is so they can be changed out as needed. This will save you tons of lost XP.

Example 1: Skill Vault; do not dismantle any Gario over 3 stars right away. Why? you may be able to enhance them rapidly. This means you can add 10 points, or an upgrade equal to 10 levels. Each star is the number of times you can enhance. Only after you know the specific skill, and have all the needed Gario in stock, then both dismantle, complete all research, add the skill to a new Gario and then increase that skill to L3. Look for Skills that hit over 30%+ and take a 10% Rare Gario, or 5%. Its not really something to focus on during the first 48 hours.

Example 2: Many Gario have a low speed, Eros has a skill called golden bow but a speed of 31. My Gaia with 1 enhancement has a speed of 60. When I dismantle Eros, I basically need 10 Epic Gario Egyptian are 10%, Celtic or Epic Nordic are also used. Collect the full inventory before conversion. This will keep the new player from fumbling around making a mess and retaining synergy.

Example 3: A level 10 fully enhanced Hecate has a high speed, since she also has heal, cure is a good addition. But again, collect the full inventory before conversion. I think even dual Hecate's maxed out this was would be a valuable asset to many attack teams.

Example 4: ( advanced ) Your first round of siege troops is out of stamina and you deploy new troops. To avoid a 20% loss in XP keep a skill like siege up as a floater skill. After you deploy the new round of troops with fresh stamina, then switch out the siege skills from the old troop to the new troop while they are in route.
Note 1: Once you have a Level 3 land you can train 2 level 1 Gario direcly to level 5 with no battles, simply by a training order. If you plan to deploy the Gario after that they will have the second skill slot open.
Note 2: Generally in most games, using these kind of skill upgrades does not help the lower stat scores of the character. Use them to enhance the highest score or the related skill to their primary power.

12 Videos on youtube: not created by me that cover other topics and a bunch of basics.
(Credit to Diablo on youtube)
Immortal Conquest: Getting Started
Immortal Conquest: User Interface
Immortal Conquest: Resources
Immortal Conquest: Buildings
Immortal Conquest: Legion Basics
Immortal Conquest: Season 1 Rewards
Immortal Conquest: Season 2 SP: Legendaries
Immortal Conquest: Season 2 SP: Epics
Immortal Conquest: Season 2 Exclusives: Legendaries
Immortal Conquest: Season 2 Exclusives: Epics
Immortal Conquest: My Favorite Legendaries
Immortal Conquest: My Favorite Epics

( Part 7: Dominate )

After making the main account to learn the basics, I created 2 sub accounts. The only gem support is the 150per day pack.
Lucky for me both land assignments were much better than my main, and the Gario were boosted to level 8!

Narrow Infrastructure Goals:

Here is the BEST order to get them: House L4; Warehouse L1; Lumber & Iron L1; Gvt Hall L3; Mill & Quarry L1; Instant Troops; Warehouse 2-5; House L5; (dont expand)
Drill Grounds L3 ( use gems only in items like this that save more than 1 hour of upgrade time ); Recruit L3; Dismantle a skill, Upgrade a Gario... at this point you will have to wait for some more stone. By this time you should own about 20 plots of land.

Gario Goals: Helios + Iapetus, Epimetheus + Hecate L3 innate skill. I'm not upgrading the secondary skill so they can be interchangeable at will without loss of xp

Geo-Fencing Goals: Surround resources and squeeze the nearest city. Fence, Grid and Choke

Fence: Use empty lots and Resources that surround areas and future resources. Do not surround Fort or a camp, rather blockade them. Higher levels can hop fort to fort to travel.
To Fence; use pairs of Gario with high speed to grab the empty lots to make boarder lines. These can include Water, Mountains, Fortress, Military Camps, and L4+ lots. It also resources you will need; stone, iron, wood, and food. Lots of level 4 or greater can act as long term place holders in your fence. Odds are early in the game you wont be under fire the moment the 48 hours ends. In fact you may have weeks before an attack. Level 5 and higher lots seem to cluster and create fences too. Connect these, and surround other resources to map out larger areas as they will be important to own later. Again Mountains are critical for blocking access from neighbors so cut them off at the pass.
Grid: Make your 3x3 a 4x4 or 5x5 To Grid, first keep 1 lot around every lot your city is, they 2 lots or more, this is good for long term defense. Then look for nearby places to make a connected 3x3 lot after your fame is 6000 to build a city. Drop the lots that you used to get there, If you starfish off your 3x3 and leave access someone may try to take your city.
Example 1: Lets say your 3x3 is not surrounded by a 5x5 square and all the empty lots are a "moat" around your city. If someone attacks your fence or the grid around your city you can take over the lots on the 4x4 that should stall the attacker or make then quit. It's a faster way to deploy a defense, but again odds are you wont be attacked.
Choke: Keep the closest City from getting resources or even new plots of land. To Choke take every lot that the city next you would have access to. Sometimes new cities can spawn with to many L4+ lots near it. Other times Mountains will trap in city. I did this and so far have lost 4 cities, they vanished lol.

Fourm Resources:  

Comprehensive starter guide Comprehensive Skill Guide
Introduction for newbie!-Tips you need to know
Use resource rationally!
In-depth Guide to Infrastructure Development
A Guide to Leveling up Your Troops
Ultimate Guide to Skills for Beginners
Basic principles for mix and matching
Full Analysis of All Skill Effects | Player’s Guide
3-Star Gairo Skills to Dismantle | Player’s Guide
5-Star Gairo Analysis (5) | Player’s Guide
How to Lead an Alliance Effectively (External) | Player’s Guide
How to Lead an Alliance Effectively (Internal) | Player’s Guide
Advanced: Spreadsheet of Gairos and Skill attributes (WIP)
When and Where to Build a Subcity
Tips & Strategies on Capturing Cities | Player’s Guide
Collection of Game WikiBasic Alliance Stratgey
Basic Mixing and Matching of Gario and Skills

As you get higher levels:

Secrets to Earning Tons of Coins (1) | Player’s Guide
Secrets to Earning Tons of Coins (2) | Player’s Guide
Top 15 Legendary Skills | Player’s Guide
Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-1 18:54
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-2 12:59

The Market

When making your fence, grid, or choke: know that after you have a Market you can exchange resources.
So if there are 4 plots of level 3 food that create a natural boarder to protect your lands or cut off a mountian pass
you can trade it for Iron, Stone, or Wood.  This is critical because you'll always need more Iron. Also because when you
fence, you will start to draw back as you gather resources. If you have played chess, you understand very well the value of a square.

Immortal Conquest 047.png (829.6 KB, Downloads: 0)



Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 13:19
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-2 13:24

Fence 101:
From the Red city on the left of the image the L5 lots make a fence going to the mountians and the L3 Food makes a direct path to the city.
Seeing this I made a fence from the L5's to the mountians.

Immortal Conquest 029.png (546.01 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 029.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 13:35
Fence 202:

In fence 101 Cleopatra was in the truce peroid, in this time they are not. See how I have changed the fence to cut off both Mountian passes. The marked lot at the mountians can be easily obtained if any threat is active. Currently the city over there is an ally.  I can easily gain the other L3's and have reduced the amount of level 1 land owned.  This location is to the NE of the city center.

Immortal Conquest 050.png (530.3 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 050.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 13:44
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-2 13:46

Fence 202:

Moving SW I noted the 2 L4 lots that needed one empty lot between then, a defensive position for a low level player. Poor Mendoza was kinda trapped in with higher level lands right off the city, this made it easy to trap them in. However I dont think they are an active player anymore. My interest is in the Level 8 Tower even if I can not get it yet.

Immortal Conquest 031.png (523.49 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 031.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 13:53
Fence 202:

The same SW location after the 48 hours, I like the 3 food lots to protect a fort for lower level play. Using the L4 lots as fences I also left to L2 food lots to go gather the resources outside the fence. Note at this point where the birds are I have gotten a few of the city's lots at this point. It's plain to see that this player is inactive. I like this placement between to inactive cities with lots of resources.

Immortal Conquest 051.png (510.32 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 051.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 14:09
Fence 202:

West of the city not much changes this is during the 48 hours.

Immortal Conquest 033.png (509.57 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 033.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 14:15
Fence 202:

In the lower left the mountians connect to the nest mountian range, this is the current fence that I was able to upgrade after the first 48 hours. In the upper right is the same marked corner mentioned above. When you are ready for L4 and L5 resources they will be waiting for you and intergrated into your designs.

Immortal Conquest 052.png (512.84 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 052.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 14:22
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-3 19:17

Level 3 Lands:

Timing is critical, try to get both troops to arrive at the exact moment, this way 2 or 3 lower levels of troops can work together to gain the property. I give myself a ten second mental countdown while watching the first troop advance. If the troops do not arrive in time you have 4 min. During this time you can try to send in more troops, but if you do it right the first time you gain the land right away without delay or loss of troops.  As you can see in the second pic I set the fence just behind the resources I wanted to grab a couple days later.  It was easy to deploy troops together and more that fence forward to upgrade my production.

Immortal Conquest 039.png (528.78 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 039.png

Immortal Conquest 102.png (539.61 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 102.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 14:26
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-2 14:36


Picking good locations near your City; use markers to help you stay focused and build your fence. Here is a location that will be great for harvests.  

Immortal Conquest 044.png (526.96 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 044.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 14:33
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-2 14:38


Use markers to help keep you on track while making your fence or grabing the most important resources first.  Balance gaining resources in next to and away from your city. The L1 lot and the marked lot both may be worth holding for building a fort after 4000 fame. After 6000 fame you can plot a city.

Immortal Conquest 048.png (491.51 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 048.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 14:42
Choke 101:

Surround a City to keep it from gaining resources.  I notice that if the player is inactive, odds are you can take your time to get the city.  If the player is active, odds are they will relocate and you get all the reources from the empty land.

Immortal Conquest 032.png (527.31 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 032.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 14:56
Choke 202:

Its a good idea to camp out and harvest while your stamina restores and you are gaining more troops for the next wave of attacks. However, an active player isnt gonna let you do these things.

Immortal Conquest 053.png (536.17 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 053.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 15:03
Scout for a City:

How to grid a city in 2 attack waves. Drill Grounds 4 or 5 is important to hace to quickly map our your land. Look for open areas that are close to L3 or higher resources.

Immortal Conquest 043.png (514.51 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 043.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 15:21
Troop Bonus:

Even before you build temples you can align Gario for an additional bonus.

Immortal Conquest 054.png (662.07 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 054.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 15:38
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-25 13:02

Siege Teams 101:

Having a higher Seige number will increase the rate at which you take a city district.  The trade off is speed.  Enhance Gario with low speed with the duplicates you get there is a big difference in time between a speed of 30 and 50 or 60.  Now is where the Camps come into play. The Speed Camp is th one I think is most important. Also if you did not add XP to your seige up skills you can swap them out or assign them to the Gario with the highest seige.  Its basicaly useless to add seige up to a Gario with low seige. Working with the cards I was delt I build this team.

Immortal Conquest 055.png (447.84 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 055.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 15:53
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-25 13:03

Siege 101:
Even with a faster than average speed you can that delayed the troops to show a time range with relationship to speed and real distance in the game. The first Troop hit the city for 12% damage and the second Troop did only 5% made up of only Min and Cu Roi. Osiris Hit the 3rd time for another 10%.  So again if you grid, fence and choke it will me very hard for any low level player to gain access to your land. This way you can build with confidence. Also know that it takes a while to take a city, Cleopatra's takeover is taking about 2 days at this low level.

Immortal Conquest 057.png (528.35 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 057.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 16:46
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-2 16:53

Grid, Fence, & Choke 202:

Here you will see that I needed more Iron near the Grid that protects my city. Once I connect the woods to the left og that the internal grid is complete. Later I can get the resources close to the city. I can also drop the L2 quarry between the fence and the grid when replaced by the L3 quarry. I have fenced off the city to the east, who seems inactive. I am running the choke on the city to the south, also seemingly inactive. The north and west boarder the city grid blocking off at the mountians. I have the markers in place to let me know what is most important to get the next time I login. Notice the two L5 Woods and the two empty lots, you can block a quad of real estate with 1/2 the lots. Later I can grab the two food lots and two quarry's. As I get higher levels several resources are between the fence and the grid.

Immortal Conquest 058.png (534.7 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 058.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 17:01
The Grid:

This shot is the same city and shows the grid inside the fence. There are 3 L3 resources, 1 L5 and only one ampty lot in the left face of the grid to be completed, both connect to the mountians. The downfall is the north east is 6 L1 lots, but these I can drop after the fence is secure. If I were to be attacked at the Fence, I could deploy the lots at the grid for additional protection.

Immortal Conquest 059.png (553.73 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 059.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 18:14
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-2 18:21

Heal 101:

This batch of skills has focus on the team and not losing troops. All of these use either 10% or 5% Rare Gario, these will be easy to get in the lower levels. REMEMBER: If you do not level up the skill, you do not lose the 20%; later you will have more powerful Gario and Skills so focus on the main Skill to levels 3 is plenty. All of these are great to add into a second skill spot without XP upgrades.

Rescue and Rescue Team are automatic but require 5 rounds to apply.

Immortal Conquest 060.png (267.93 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 060.png

Immortal Conquest 061.png (269.23 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 061.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 18:17
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-2 20:02

Heal 101:

Bandage and Heal both are Spirit based and help the team with a 35% chance to trigger.  

Immortal Conquest 062.png (269.65 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 062.png

Immortal Conquest 063.png (269.51 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 063.png

Immortal Conquest 065.png (270.03 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 065.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 18:34
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-2 20:30

Heal 202:

How easy is it to add a second skill like Rescue or Bandage compared to giving up Epics at a low level. Another reason why the 4 above are important even though cure is an automatic 75% is; Gario with heal are slow, if you add them to your faster troops you basically only lose stamina. Cure is much harder to gain at a lower level. It seems that as you out grow your lower level Gario, you can put them into new skills. As you see below if a Skill is spirit based increase spirit and attack. The enhancements and low cap cost will help you get Cure.

Immortal Conquest 064.png (265.75 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 064.png

Immortal Conquest 066.png (422.92 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 066.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-2 21:16
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-25 13:06

Siege Teams 202:

Meet the team that took the (inactive) city.  I tried to attack a L5 lot, the troops were not in sync to hit the lot all together and I did not gain the lot, as where I did much more damage to the city. This included a signifant loss of troops. The benifit is however, its less of a loss to change my troops then if they were full.  I dont have the skills Scaling Ladder or Repeated Attack done yet but when I do the next city will fall much faster.  Notes about running a seige from a fort. Before you outsource the resources for your city, know that the attack rate from a fort is 1/3 normal. Seige teams are slow. Even if you enhance a slow Gario's speed with 3 enhancements and from levle 10, ( so about 60 ) they are back at a 20 speed and your Gario losses the advantage. Now Gimme back Fast Horses!

Immortal Conquest 068.png (297.3 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 068.png

Immortal Conquest 069.png (303.72 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 069.png

Immortal Conquest 070.png (296.28 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 070.png

Immortal Conquest 071.png (301.74 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 071.png

Immortal Conquest 072.png (272.5 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 072.png

Immortal Conquest 073.png (264.3 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 073.png

Immortal Conquest 103.png (275.76 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 103.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-3 03:24
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-8 15:17

Training 101:

Raise your fame to 4000 to Train Gario's. Two L1 players that train on a L3 land will both hit level 5.  Below I took two L1 players and booked the 5 sessions of training. This is a solid way to level up your Gario while you gain resources and build your city.  If you are into the slow play this is perfect for you.  Once a day login, collect the coins and your login bonus, then you can take 15 of the 20 orders to train your Gario in a longer session.  If you want to chill in a 9x9 and build a super powerful low level city I would say this would take about a 3 weeks. If you increase your daily logins it would be faster.  The full training session takes 15 orders for 2 Level 1 Gario each to gain 7th level.  A session with just one order will raise each level 1 Gario to level 5.

Immortal Conquest 075.png (293.58 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 075.png

Immortal Conquest 074.png (311.5 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 074.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-3 12:02
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-4 14:07

Attack Skills 101:
Here are 5 basic skills that you increase at 10% per Gario used to research and then unlock the skill.  Its important to mention again that I dont think increasing the XP of points in the second and third slots is needed. When you dont increase the XP you can swap the skills as needed per mission. When you add XP, you lose 20% to swap the skill out.  Would you rather have a high level of a secondary skill that triggered 25% or 30%  of the time; or have a level 1 skill that triggers 50% of the time for what ever Gario needs it.  Also remember that once you reach a higher level of play you most likely will out grow them and use others. This approach could save you 1000's of lost XP.

Immortal Conquest 076.png (263.21 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 076.png

Immortal Conquest 077.png (270.76 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 077.png

Immortal Conquest 078.png (270.38 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 078.png

Immortal Conquest 079.png (275.53 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 079.png

Immortal Conquest 103.png (275.76 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 103.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-3 12:09
Attack Skills 202:

Please note the same information above; here are 6 Skills that take 5% per Gario to research and learn the skill.

Immortal Conquest 081.png (269.08 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 081.png

Immortal Conquest 082.png (265.93 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 082.png

Immortal Conquest 084.png (264.02 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 084.png

Immortal Conquest 085.png (269.89 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 085.png

Immortal Conquest 086.png (269.5 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 086.png

Immortal Conquest 087.png (275.11 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 087.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-3 13:21
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-12 08:41

Forts 101:

When you build a fort they are always Level 1.  Just like your city the Level 5 development takes much greater resources to upgrade. They take just over 4 hours to build, the Game wiki mentioned something about a faster time for an alliance but I didnt notice it on the first 2 forts I build. I also believe that your fort can be attacked while being build.  If this is an issue click the fort and select Guard.  Tap the fort and select move to move a troop from the city to the fort, tapping the blank troop box will not allow you to move the troop.  When the toop arrives, they are still allocated to your main city.  Putting toops in the fort does not open up a new troop for your city.  Its helpful to put the fort in a position for success. Look for plot protections from higher level lands and of course with the fort at foot of a Mountian pass.  Notes about a Fortress and a Military camp, dont build them into your Fence, Grid, or Choke. I believe that Higher level play allows you to travel from fort to fort. I think this is how you traves the entire realm. Once the Troops are stationed in the fort you can not move the order of the Gario in the Troop.

Immortal Conquest 123.png (314.17 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 123.png

Immortal Conquest 089.png (510.34 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 089.png

Immortal Conquest 090.png (537.43 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 090.png

Immortal Conquest 091.png (466.66 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 091.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-3 17:32
Alliance 101:  pt 1

Unless you have run an alliance in a game like thie before I would thinnk you would join an alliance rather than make your own. If you are going to play more than 3 accounts, Have your main start the alliance and the others join you.  This will help you get gems for both accounts but much more for the main.  Here are the basics.

Immortal Conquest 093.png (338.64 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 093.png

Immortal Conquest 094.png (305.16 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 094.png

Immortal Conquest 095.png (281.1 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 095.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-3 18:13
Alliance 101:  pt 2
There are a couple options I liked, being able to navigate to each member of the alliance and being able to donate to the alliance for XP. There are also diplomacy options. With the ability to assign a truce. This gives alot of stragitic power to the Cheif and Officers.  The land grids of all the cities show of a neighbor not in your alliance is still an ally. The cities you capture are listed in the subordinate section.

Immortal Conquest 101.png (198.54 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 101.png

Immortal Conquest 097.png (260.89 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 097.png

Immortal Conquest 098.png (263.06 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 098.png

Immortal Conquest 099.png (270.73 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 099.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-4 14:48
Training 202:

Nereus and Sekhmet are both Archers, both slow, but they have a troop cap of 1.5. As you increase your level cap by building your city, you also will sommun more powerful Gario. In a 3 troop set up you may need a low cost Gario to use.  Its pretty easy after a couple weeks of daily play that you will be able to enhance them.

Nereus and Sekhmet both Trained solo using the 15 orders to train for 2 hours on a level 3 lot.  Both hit level 7.  Nereus then got a scroll which was about 4000 xp which pushed him to level 8. The total time was less than 3 hours, rather than attacking countless land.  Mnemosyne trained on a level 3 lot with 15 orders with a partner in a 2 Gario troop. After the training both Gario got a scroll and both increased to level 7.5.  It seems that it is better to train them in pairs.  Once you have trained 3 Gario you can run a troop of 2100 to 2700. If you want to sent Calvary for L3 lands you better get all three to level 8.  This is how you do it without attacking.

Immortal Conquest 107.png (300.29 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 107.png

Immortal Conquest 104.png (408.81 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 104.png

Immortal Conquest 105.png (408.42 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 105.png

Immortal Conquest 106.png (421.46 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 106.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-5 12:16
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-23 11:55

Enhancement 101:
When you enhance a lower level Gario that is is upgraded into a higher level, the Skill XP and Points transfer. It does not if you enhance to a lower level. Check carefully before enhancing. There is a Gario lock and unlock feature as well. As you can see the 30 points were transfered.  While you are under Level 20 its great to build up some of the better 3 star Gario. When you need to run a seige your main team will run out of stamina. It will help to be able to swap in some seige help with fresh stamina.

Immortal Conquest 110.png (296.87 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 110.png

Immortal Conquest 111.png (431.63 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 111.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-5 12:39
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-25 13:11

City Siege Notes:

You do not have to take all 8 lots to seige a city, once you have the city, if its not needed then drop the lot.  A great tip is to combine both Guidance and Scaling Ladder in your 3 Gario team will greatly increase the seige ability. If you combine seige up and Gario with your highest seige scores it will take less runs to the city. Dont waste your time with horses they just wont dake damage away from the city.

Immortal Conquest 108.png (505.89 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 108.png

Immortal Conquest 109.png (531.51 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 109.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-5 14:19
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-5 14:21

Territory Management:

Here you may notice that I have only lot left I can grab.  Since food is great to exchange in the market and the lot connects to the mountians, I can secure the pass.  Deployment times are 1/3 from the fort so for a small inactive city there is no need to build one.  I decided to drop the empty lot which will open before I finish the inactive city.  Therefore I can grab the L3 Food now and increase production. If you notice in the upper left corner is the lot of an ally and Mountians. I can secure this area as it will connect both main officers in the alliance.  In addition it will allow expansion forward and is in a great position for my current needs. I now have L7 Govt Hall and I will need the stone off the city for expansions.

Immortal Conquest 112.png (525.29 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 112.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-5 15:43
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-6 10:03

Daily Drills Reminder:

Its a great way to gain a small amount of gems per day.  It your Troops or Building upgrade are an hour our its nice to expidite them.
You will also be able to pratice going against higher level Gario from levels 20-25. For your first 48 hours, this will give you huge boost in resource and important XP you need ot upgrade Gario Skills. In Stage one of the Drills you might get stuck on the archers. I don't think level of the Gario comes into play on the drills but it may.  I find that is you have a level 3 skill upgrade and pick the right troop you will be fine. Each of the first 4 drills offer 150XP each.

Immortal Conquest 113.png (337.19 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 113.png

Immortal Conquest 114.png (311.99 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 114.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-6 11:44
Troop Management 101:

Here you can see that two troops are returning from the fort back to the main city after it is occupied. The incoming troop is from a distant city coming to guard the newly occupied city. Timing plays an important role.  Most any kind of attacks that are not occupied land take quite a bit of time, including Seige attacks. If there was any kind of threat I would have waited to withdraw the troops.

Immortal Conquest 115.png (553.4 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 115.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-6 12:52
New City 101: Scouting a Location

In image 116 you can see that I have marked a potiential center location for a city. Just past the L3 food "L-shaped lots there is a friendly city with level 4 lands. The center of the food fence has a L4 land.  If I was to build a city here if would have a defence build. Basically that would mean that Homes, Warehouse, Mills, Walls, and Guard Houses are a more important to this location then offence.

In image 117 this location is directly south from the location mentioned above. and very close to the main city. Here I have nothing to defend or attack so this city is resource based, until I can expand its options later.

In image 118 this is a farther south where I build a fort. The noob city chose to rove so it opened up the real estate and left me with an outpost of L3 lands. Only after I made this plot I learned that making a second city would take 7500 fame, not just the 6k.

In image 119 this location is a long distance expansion site based on a land owned by an ally. I can chain a few lots off the allied land to get to the center plot. I had seen this location but was not able to get there. While runing Cleopatra's City I stumbled across it again.  Protected by a massive mountian range and the river it will require only 25%-33% of norman lots to fence in and protect it. Because this site offers massive Iron production It can be an offensive location taking over land toward the main city.

Immortal Conquest 116.png (538.78 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 116.png

Immortal Conquest 117.png (525.79 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 117.png

Immortal Conquest 118.png (517.41 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 118.png

Immortal Conquest 119.png (510.03 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 119.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-6 13:27
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-6 13:40

Experience Scroll Notes:

I sent a single Gario troop of level 1 to explore a scroll, these give XP. Here are the results, almost 6th level.  Since a Training using 15 orders moves a Gario only to level 7ish this is a great way to level up your troops without taking land. If can also help you and your alliance to gain higher level lands. You are going to need a troop of about 2k+ to start gaining L3 land. Owning a huge plot of L1 lands in a grid will not really help you grow resources other then basic defence.  Note the bottom right corner that says Recom I'll cover this in the next post.

Immortal Conquest 120.png (409.49 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 120.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-6 13:47
Gario Recommend Notes:
Once you tap the Recom, it will recommend to you the skill match ups for that Gario based on sucessful gameplay of others. This helps you take out the guess work and get back to taking over the region. It appears that the difference between advanced and non-advanced is that the advanced is for the 3 skill set combination.  

Immortal Conquest 121.png (248.93 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 121.png

Immortal Conquest 122.png (256.42 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 122.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-6 16:48
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-8 15:19

Harvest 101 & 202:

Raise your Fame to 2000 to harvest resources from land you own. When looking for land, you really want to find natural formations of lamd that can connect and offer all resources to you.  If a 2x2 right next to your city has all 4 reaources. You will gain amounts of the other resoures.  If you need stone to build a new city or fort, and its connected to iron, wood and food you will gain extra resources from the sae harvest.  When you build a city or a fort its a good idea to guard it and have your other troops harvest.  I am also seeing a connection between the size of the troop and the time it takes to harvest, Here I was able to get 2 harvest in about 15 min with the team below.  Another Troop was able to Harvest in 1:00!  

Immortal Conquest 124.png (308.25 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 124.png

Immortal Conquest 125.png (552.96 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 125.png

Immortal Conquest 129.png (319.01 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 129.png

Immortal Conquest 132.png (552.04 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 132.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-6 17:28
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-6 21:43

New City 202:

As I mentioned before Cities can play different roles if you need then to before they fully develop. A resource city could use Drill Grounds for Training and Harvesting. Its a good reason to build up a few 3 Red Star Gario's that have the ability to run defence, guard, or of course attack.  Unlike a Fort the City does not take orders to create, the first 5 resource levels will go quick its not worth using gems to upgrade until the times are over an hour.  Plot your city next to current and furute resources.

To build your city a player must have both 6000 Fame score and a 3x3 lot. I believe you it can be attacked like a fort during build time so guard it. Building on a L3 center lot did not seem to have any effect. I belive there sepcial things after your higher levels that add to your city like banks and taverns.  Of you made a good fence with lots of resources then your harvest wont realy decline that much, by the time you get to expand with the new lots and gain the production of the city things should be fine for your new conquest.

Immortal Conquest 126.png (313.07 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 126.png

Immortal Conquest 127.png (547.06 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 127.png

Immortal Conquest 128.png (538.03 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 128.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-6 19:20
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-6 19:52

Fence 202: pt 2
Seeing the landscape and moving the fence - Looking here we takng the first fence that I placed in the inside on the area I wanted to maintain. I plan to take the quarry next to the lot I just took. The lot behind it is being dropped.  If you look closer the fence from the mountians starts at the L5 quarry; L4 quarry; L4 food; ( the alliance marker where the landscape protects a fort ); L3 quarry; L3 quarry; L1 lot; L3 food, L3 quarry.

Do you see it? The entire fence contains only TWO L1 lots!  ( 1 currently marked as being dropped, and the other for the fort ) This greatly increases your production.  My city is close by to the SE.  REMEMBER: A fence will give you advanced warning of entry into your lands and allow you to drop L1 lands.  BUT:  Still have another layer of protection by your city.  You will be amazed the amount of land you can cover.

Immortal Conquest 130.png (509.83 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 130.png

Immortal Conquest 131.png (509.8 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 131.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-6 21:40
Market 202:

As you build another city you can build another market. This improves your exchange rate.

Immortal Conquest 133.png (324.49 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 133.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-7 00:14
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-7 14:04

Enhancement Notes:
When using a Gario to gain a skill, if they have a Red Star from an upgrade you did, you will get credit for the % needed to increase the skill.  To upgrade the skill below was 5% per Gario. Since there was one Red Star and extra 5% was added. This is a great reason to go ahead and marry your matching Gario. If you use them in a second city or if you use them for skills you wont lose value.  In addition, as the Season progresses so do the levels of the summoned Gario.  So even a level 1 Rare Gario with all 3 red stars is very valuable. Once you summon the higher level version, lets say Level 12, you now can assign 40 points to the attack, defence, speed, and spirit.  I think that increaseing speed is very valuable so archers can travel with calvary. Also so seige troops can greatly reduce travel time. Speed will give you a great advantage when starting the new seasons too.

Immortal Conquest 134.png (371.12 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 134.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-8 13:56
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-8 13:59

Fence 202: pt 3

Corners; Look at the L2 quarry with both L1 lots making a right angle that are connected to the mountian. There is a L5 Iron Mill and L5 Food Mill next to the mountians. The L3 Food o the inside of the fence is the target. When you make your fence, you should look in advance so you are not stuck in a box or starfish.  Here is what will happen.  When the L3 Food is taken, the L2 quarry will drop. The empty L1 lot between the L5 lots next to the mountian will exchange with the current L1 lot. The L1 lot next to the city will be the L3 Wood.  The corrner will invery and offer much more production both hourly and at harvest.  The fence continues cleanly behind the city through more Food lots. The L3 Woods connect to three L3 Food lots which with a market in your city is a nice production run that may only take a 5-10 min to get.

Immortal Conquest 135.png (529.6 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 135.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-8 17:29
Player ID & Information:  

Clicking on your Name in an Alliance will take you to a resource summary where there are tabs and data.  This is where you find your Player ID number when requested by the forums.

Immortal Conquest 136.png (294.71 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 136.png

Immortal Conquest 137.png (275.45 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 137.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-8 19:26
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-9 13:54

Back 2 Basics:

When you are first required to get troops with your fixed sets of Gario, only get a few troops at a time, you will need then to trickle in so you can retain game flow.  The most important thing is as soon as your forst troops hit level 3 each, use BOTH troops to attack a single L2 lot, Most likely stone.  Also, odds are the biggest mistake you will make, like me, was thinking that a small city nearby is worth taking over.  Well its not, go harvest it pays better and much faster.  Once you have a 3 Gario seige team with Scaling Ladder and Guidance, go test out how mant attacks it takes to take a city.  The odds are they didnt even build a warehouse so you may not gain resources. Spending 20 or 30 attacks could instead upgrade you to L3 lands.

Immortal Conquest 138.png (325.34 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 138.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-9 14:15
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-9 14:35

Forts 202:
It appears it is cheaper to build a NEW Fort at the cost of time, versus the resources to upgrate then to hold a second troop. Since I am in Lower Egypt I thought It would be fun to call them Stargates. Names with numbers behind them can freak our a new player.  Right where I was building a fort a noob city appeared net to Stargate VI. I dont have that many but I thought it would be funny well that made the noob chose Rove and bail on the area. I was thankful so I could build a real city there.

Immortal Conquest 140.png (322.88 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 140.png

Immortal Conquest 141.png (292.14 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 141.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-11 10:38
Synchronized Deployment:

Its very important when you start the game to take a L2 lot as fast as possible. Look at the travel times and sync the launch times so they arrive at the exact same time.  The same should apply for higher level lands.  Looking below, I made 2 sub cities next to the L4 and L5 lots next to my main city.  First I plan to target the multi lot quarry between the cities. Once I am ready for L5 lots that are in my courtyard I will use the same approach.  If a player picks fast horses from each city there will be little time for error between launch times. Since there are three cities a player could launch a slow, steady and fast troop to a single land target. This will stagger the launch times giving the player a more relaxed approach to the launch. Every time you upgrade a Lot you usually can drop 1-2 lower level lots.  So dont be a starfish on stick on L1 lots, it will show you are weak and have no resources.  

Immortal Conquest 142.png (522.71 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 142.png

Immortal Conquest 143.png (553.44 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 143.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-11 11:01
Noob Alert:
Spotting players that just dont understand the game.  In this image there are several things wrong. Peeps and Vin are in the same alliance.  Vin cant seem to understand to to grab the lot missing from his city. A shield wont do much good if someone can establish a foothold.  Peeps cant seem to understand not to attack there own alliance member.  Both players build forts at locations less than 3x the travel speed. Vin and Peeps dont even have targets and cant hold any level 3 lands. When you make an alliance having a bunch of low level inactive players or players who cant advance in game play will not help you.  Please let your Alliance know about the help here in the forums.

Immortal Conquest 144.png (526.98 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 144.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-11 11:15
Alliance Synergy:

Here you see the courtyard of a city. Members from the Alliance have each donated a single L1 lot to the courtyard. This share opened up 10 L1 lots for this city. The 10 lots allowed for a new sub city to be build, which also had other positive results.  When members co-op like this each member can help ther other members defend all cities.  Of course it will take some time to deploy troops to the forts, but if there is a threat they can arrive early and guard the fort.  - There are a few drawbacks to this that I will cover in higher level play.

Immortal Conquest 145.png (561.51 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 145.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-11 13:01
Attacking from a Distance:

The farther away from your Main City the land you attack is located, the more the amount of troops increase.  I was advised in world chat to only take L1 lots from a long distance. In the image below you can see that a level 3 lot far away I would have had to take on 16k Troops. Bad Idea LOL!

Immortal Conquest 146.png (313.03 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 146.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-11 14:05
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-11 15:24


There will be several sub topics here other than just Rove.  I will list the pro's and con's of building a sub city compared to taking over another player's city.  Up until now I have not included any suggestions in this guide. However I will mention a couple things in this post.

I have heard nothing but bad about Rove. I made an account to test it. Since I know I want to Rove I designed specific infrastucture, mainly the warehouse. My location is too tight between cities that just dont look like they will bloom. I will not provide this account with cash gems as apart of the test. $5.99 for the 150 per day is a game changer and how much is your cheese burger? Right!  All I can do with current location is startfish on L1 lots, there are L3 lots but attempts with 2 & 3 Troops each failed, the location may be too close for horses and I may have to take one further away.  Yikes!  Anyway, I build the warehouse to level 10+ the Mills and Quarry to level 3. that's it really. If I only get 80% of my resources I have to store as much as possible before I jump.  

I want to note something important in this post for the designers. The description says you can select a new homeland, but until I test it myself I don't believe you enter a location by plot number.  This is very important for the player to be able to do. With that statement I expect to research a location in the same realm and enter the numbers of the center plot for my new city.

Rove with be baby! You and me just... so get this; Rove screw's over both players the attacker and the defender.  

View from the Defender:  "Damn I lost my city, but I still want to sure sucks I cant pick a location more secure or closer to the alliance I was apart of so I can improve my gameplay." That a jerk that person that attacked me, maybe if I could gain a foothold I could come back for revenge. Guess I'll sell this last old baseball card for for $25 bucks on ebay and but some gems." They click Rove...Damn. I'll keep the baseball card.

View from the Attacker:  
"Damn I just took this city, but I forgot to grab a lot at the far side at the base of the mountians. Its occupied and under guard.  POOF  It's gone, all the attacks form all the cities, all the troops used, all the time away from resources and infrastructure, trying to provide for the alliance, hoping to hold more land and control critical locations...NOPE.  So if the season is gonna end why would I buy another month of the 150 gems a day. Oh! To stock up for next season! Got it!  

Reasons to build a Sub City vs. Take a Player's City:
Build a City to Increase:
Production, Troops, Taxes, Deploy more Gario for more XP, Create double or triple the power to attack and defend, and Control Land. So why havent you build a Sub City yet?

Take over a City to:
Have them vanish on you to clear out land and reasources, hope they are 100% inactive and get the resources for your Alliance, not you. In addition you will have to attack and not gain land, ( does the city have more lots then the number of attacks to take it?  If so; what level of production are the lots? ) Still going... lets see use lower troops, which you have to design differently than most troops fast at taking open land.

Back to Rove part 2:

So if this location can't yeild me a L3 lot my orders sit kinda useless to train, the XP to train on L1 or L2 lots is not worth anything. 50 seconds out it looks like they are all in sync. Third time was not the charm.  It might be a nice feature for every lot to have 100% L1 5x5 around it so a new player can secure the smallest boarder. Resources may need to increase in a grid away fashion, rather then randomized to the whole realm.  This would not apply to sub cities only the main city.  So I am getting the warehouse to level 11+ so I have a min of 100k of each resource to relocate with.

Lets say the number location of the plot and other soultions are unworkable. Lets imagine that right after you name your city, there is one step prior to the walk through. That is one of three options to filter the randomized location.  Remote:  Far from Captial Cities and Major Alliance Hubs  Unpopulated:  Open areas on the outskirts of Captial Cities and Alliance Hubs Populated is near Caltial Cities and Large alliance hubs.  Ramble on...

Immortal Conquest 147.png (309.58 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 147.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-11 17:11
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-11 17:29

Level 4 Lands:

If you have done very well with L3 land and can build a Sub City, then L4 lands are simple, just go get um! I would believe that most would recommend a Troop of over 6000. If you have the resources mentioned it might be simple to start upgrading. It will also unlock a jackpot of rewards in your quest. Pick your targets, look of any L4/L5 lots are cornerstones of your domain.  If you fenced as described in this guide they should be everywhere for you. Pick the most important ones and if possible grab one of each type first, but you should be able to balance things with the market. L5 lots are going to require troops that are over 10k.  

Training on a L5 land will offer a bounty of XP at 5k per session, up to 25k. So once you have had your troops demolished, go ahead deploy a new Gario.  Pick your top 3 to start. I might want to train then solo. It might be nice to have a Level 20 Gario on each team.  As you continue to train you can establish your best Gario as leaders the others will gain XP along the way. Not only will owning L4 lands help you greatly they will also set you up Gario Achievements that will last into future seasons. Once you have 3 L20 Gario the L5 lands should not be a problem.  To recap the value, a L5 Gario is 800 XP to level 6. A level 12 Gario is only 6800 to level up and level 17 is 13,400.

Immortal Conquest 148.png (538.04 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 148.png

Immortal Conquest 149.png (324.75 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 149.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-12 11:47
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-15 09:43

Level 5 Lands:

With the same timed attacks from troops that total over 10k, still plan to send in back up. Hopefully if you dont take it outright, you have 5 min for back up to arrive. Unlike L4 lands nothing unlocked for me yet on the L5 conquest. it might be that you need to own 10 L4 lands first.  The XP range for trainings starts at 15k and goes up to 75k.

Immortal Conquest 150.png (318.66 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 150.png

Immortal Conquest 151.png (558.53 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 151.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-15 09:21
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-15 17:09

Special Note About City Creation:

Taking a plot that is not the center plot will not stop city production. REALLY?  In this sequence, the blue lot was taken before the city was build,  this city was the first I have seen that vanished when seiged, however there were no Runis?  So if your in battle dont think a snaged lot will stop the city creation.  Granted the player didnt realize that I was gonna be able to take the city with a connected district lol.
What is even harder to handle is then your alliance member takes a plot of your 3x3 that is not the center and you can not build a city. This clearly is a matter that needs to be addressed.

Immortal Conquest 160.png (519.45 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 160.png

Immortal Conquest 159.png (509.36 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 159.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-15 09:32
A Very Common Mistake:

Open Boarders to your Main City without a secure fence or courtyard is the best way to make your city a target. Notice the red in the bottom left next to the unread battle notifications.
Just like chess, moving at a slant is very efficient and constantly overlooked by many cities I see.  In contrast a wide grid of L1 lots wont help you either.  This member of the alliance in in great danger. When I contacted them they didn't know how to spot the threat.  If you notice in my fencing suggstions I recommend cutting off slant attacks with 90 degree L shaped lot trios.

Immortal Conquest 161.png (530.56 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 161.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-15 09:41
Special Notes for Alliance Officers:

Note that the Chief in this alliance was inactive for 3 days, they the next Officer in Line, was given the Alliance. This has both Pro's and Con's.

Immortal Conquest 162.png (277.79 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 162.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-15 09:55
Using Guard to Attack:
Here I was able to login in time to see the neighbor dispute and empty lot next to their City. The city appeared to be inactive for about a week, meaning no new lands were taken.  They moment the empty lot was taken, the "inactive player flipped out" I was able to send 5k troops to guard, each of his 5 troops were reduced to zero.  Then the player really freeks out and complains to their alliance, not menting the email I sent a week ago. It said Hello, are you active? I'll take the city in a few days. You are welcome to join my alliance since we are neighbors." ( I Recommend this approach every time ) SO! Player goes crying to the chief help help I killed all my troops on guarded land, that empty lot was mine!  I advise that if any alliance has inactive members they do not rush to defend them. If turns out, once the Alliance knew the truth there was no beef! Cheifs' and Officers Beware!

Immortal Conquest 163.png (547.44 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 163.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-16 17:31
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-17 13:04

Move A City:
Once you build a Sub City, you can transfer you main city there. Everything Trasnfers, but there is no credit for upgrades to the Sub City. Meaning it is the best way is moce the city after the new one is build before upgrades.  If you can save up the gems you can build a hub of many cities that protect each other, leave lots of room between them if resources are limited.

If your city is isolated on the map or far from your alliance members build a fort within a short attack range of the 3x3 you want.  It should have the resources you need for your level and higher level resources protecting our location. This way when you level up, the higher level lots are very close to the city making they easy to own and protect you as well.  

If you are in an alliance with 2 inactive members it can me nice to build a city between them so you dont have to control the low level lands.  Its always great to build boarder between landmarks that can not be owned like mountians and rivers.

Immortal Conquest 165.png (522.19 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 165.png

Immortal Conquest 166.png (312.15 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 166.png

Immortal Conquest 167.png (530.6 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 167.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-17 13:07
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-19 09:00

How to Drop a Fort:
Remember when I mentioned that it was cheaper to build a second fort then upgrade to an additional drill ground.  Well you can also drop the Fort when you are finished with it. I learned this from observation.  I am very glad it can be done.  Go to the Fort like you would upgrade it but dont. Just like when you take out a learned skill for a Gario, there is an "X" to click on. Once the drop happens it takes an hour, then mark the empty lot. That part is important so you can return to drop the lot later.

I think players that seige cities for alliances can lose many hourly resources by leaving old forts laying around. That times the number of alliance members that leave them means less for the alliance as a whole.  Who likes stinky old forts anyway?  

Immortal Conquest 169.png (529.07 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 169.png

Immortal Conquest 170.png (217.23 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 170.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-19 09:20
Open Boarders:

It is not a good idea to have open boarders next to a city you hade a change to take, but was taken before you acted. In this image, the dirt path gives any person who sees it a clear and easy path of L1 lots to leap frog all the way to the next city.  90 degrees from this dirt path just outside view are mountians to the north and south, running the same direction the fence should go. Having a fence and complex courtyard slows approach to your city and odds are many players will pick an easier target.  Would you rather have a 2, 3, 4, or 5+ tile notice, or a fort that says "Hi" connected to your city.  Below the dirt path image shows me attacking a Fort while being build and then the neighbor making a fort that says Hi. Notice that the position I took opened up advancement for the neighbor in my alliance to help.

Note: When your asked to be in an alliance that has a production bonus for taking a city. Join, its like free money to build your city with, otherwise they will take your city.

Immortal Conquest 171.png (526.43 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 171.png

Immortal Conquest 172.png (543.35 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 172.png

Immortal Conquest 173.png (538.67 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 173.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-24 10:44
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-24 12:03

Barracks, Level 5 Lands & Troop Types:
Earlier for lower levels I mentioned that there is a cross over point where the instant matilia can conscript faster than a level 5 recruitment office.

If you plan to advance in the season past the L3 lands, the Govt. level 6 must be unlocked. It requires 10 Barracks and Govt level 7 to unlock the god statute.  Again, I would avoid camps, temples, and watchtowers and make the goal the barracks. It will take L4 resources to get there and maybe a sub city that is only production based.  But the leap from the L4 to L5 lands is an important production jump for high level success. When an upgrade takes 15 hours its nice to use gems, unless you dont plan to login for that much time.  Important! These LARGE TROOPS NEED FOOD!  When you add troops to your Gario after getting the barracks you will consume massive amounts of resource compared to before.  

Three basic types of troops are (1) Fast Horses; attack & speed (2) Slow Tanks; Siege 50-100+ if possible (3) Guards; defense & spirit
(1) - travel long distances as fast as possible, take/defend lands quickly, establish your fence and city resources
(2) - take a rivals land, take a fort, Fortress, Military Camp, L6x2 or any other x2 where you have to dispatch the city guard to take the location
(3) - When an attacker is in route, send this type to guard the land before the attacker arrives.

At this point you will have one of 2 plans for your Gario, first - a specialized troop: meaning that it does 90% of the tasks that gain xp. It could be training, battle, scrolls, and bandits.  A specialized approach will reduce your need for skills.  This allows you to use Gario over 50% of the time to get xp, meaning that your specialized troop will could unlock the third skill spot faster.  Over less skills to pick from but 90% of Skill XP goes into only 3 Gario.

Second - You may have 3 total cities with 15 active Gario holding troops, in this case you wil have most teams with level 3 primary skills and level 2 secondary skills.  The fall back will be that you need to use more summoned gairo to unlock skills, this will cost you large amounts of xp. Once you get a 3 Gario Troop to level 20. I recomment you begin to specialize in them and unlock the 3rd skill before the end of the season.  The unlock will require 2 additional Gario after the level 20/level10 requirements are met.

Immortal Conquest 181.png (261.79 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 181.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-24 12:02
Alliance Intelligence:  
While there are several things I want to talk about on this topic, there are 3 main points for this post.

(1) If your new to the game you could unknowingly cause a HUGE stress to an alliance.  Go ahead and take land by a city they own, even f you are in the same alliance players can freek out. Why would this be? You "could be" a "SPY" from another alliance.  So words from the wise, even if you are in an alliance things will constantly shift.  
(1a) Like there is a Regional Alliance that you can join, also make an alliance with your next door neighbors, if the alliance breaks up or merges, your neighbors will as a team together.  
(1b) If you cant listen carefully or do not understand instructions in the game contact your Alliance Chief.  You may have no clue that since your city is next to a warf you are a primary target. If a noob lands that spot and can not control the area and maintain a defensive post for the alliance, its bad news.  i would advise the alliance to review all members near boarder crossings. If they lack weekly production and can't communicate or learn the game. Boot them out and take the city as fast as possible.

(2) Invite your neighbors to your Alliance, if the neighbor refuses to join you and also have an Alliance look carefully. Can they take L4 lands? Do they have Sub Cities, Can you attack from your own city or have to build a fort, and does your Alliance offer a greater hourly production bonus.  New players dont get this, they made an Alliance of 1 or 2 members and want to be loyal to a 2% bonus rather than your combimed 10k an hour bonus.  If you can only take L3 lands drop every task until you can join an Alliance that owns cities and gives a solid bonus.  If this noob refuses to join for the bonus, take the city asap at all costs.  In the long run they will quit the game or rove, when they quit you get the real estate which hopefully offers a defensive position in the landscape.

(3) In the image below you will see how you can use your free 100 troops to scout a rivals troops. It is super fun to do this with Tehmis since she is blindfolded with justice scales. Be sure to taunt your rivals to like saying thinks for the info/recon/intel BAHAHAHWHWHAHHAAHAAA!  So here is the result of the intel from not wasting a single troop on getting it. Nor revealing what I might attack back with. This shows a basic high level troop, this player leads an alliance of over 100 members. It seems they use defence and aviod with Gario that just about every player has. You can send this data to your chat and offer it to your alliance cheif.

Immortal Conquest 182.png (342.3 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 182.png

Immortal Conquest 183.png (289.54 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 183.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-29 14:04
Spotting Ruins:  
These seem rare so far, this is the first time I have spotted them.  It looks like a City Was once here because of the 3x3 lot around the remains. It appears that if you buld on they the new city will retain some of the prior levels. If you didnt take the city out then you may not know if there is value building there. Most likely if a high enough seige hits on the final attack it would be demolished.  It might be nice to make a choice upon reaching zero, to take the city or demolish it to ruins.

Immortal Conquest 185.png (496.81 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 185.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-29 14:18
Production Value with Forts:

If you can get a tile or lot next to a Fortress or Military Camp and take it there is greater value in resources than building one. Hopping Military Camp to Camp can offer 2k troops per camp owned.  In this image there are several things to consider.  First, normally a level 2 fort with a 7500+ troop and seige team will take a Fortress. So, you get a 5 troop fort for the resources and time it takes to build your own 2 troop fort.  I like to even drop the fort I build because the return on investment is 3x more then the cost to take the Fortress. Military Camps will stock a 2k troop mitilia.  

The seige troops were sent in advance, after gaining the Fortress, I could deploy extra troops there for the seige on the Camp, The largest troop of 10k+ is out of the stargate last but will hit about 10 seconds before the seige teams. The City Guard is only about 600 troops so seige teams are all under 5k in this example.

In this case, I build 1 level 3 fort to gain both a Fortress, Military Camp and, both have usable resources directly connected.  THere is a limited time you have to seige these, so build the fort very close. If I had not done an instant recall on two seige troops for the Camp, I would have ran out of time before troops restored.

Immortal Conquest 186.png (524.46 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 186.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-29 14:39

So I went to explore my own land only to end up in battle. Rather confusing but It looks like if your Orders can not provide enough XP for training then you can attack your own land.

Immortal Conquest 187.png (346.33 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 187.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-29 14:45
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-29 14:48


I think the reason you get two of these Guards for a login bonus is to use them to unlock the 3rd Skill Spot for your Gario.  I will cover both the unlock and also a Gario Reset. It is like the Guards are a freebee to get that first Gario opened so you dont have to use other legendary's you own.

Immortal Conquest 188.png (395.38 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 188.png

Immortal Conquest 189.png (352.51 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 189.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-29 15:02
Dismantle a Gario:

Here is Gaia with 2 Red Stars.  I am looking to advance my Team of Horus, Osiris and the Sphinx. If I take apart this Gaia I will still have a Level 20 Gaia and then the 2 level 1 Gaia as shown below.  

Immortal Conquest 190.png (313.26 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 190.png

Immortal Conquest 191.png (386.55 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 191.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-29 16:50
Crossing the River without a Warf:
Scan Rivers for locations where tiles can connect at the corners.  It is very important to think of the landscape as a chess board. Corner connected lots dont make a fence. That fence will notify you of an rival, but if they can move past the fence, like a bishop in chess then you wont know before they arrive.  So like the bishop you can cross rivers in thin sections where tile corners meet.  I had a high level player tell me it could not be done, they sure where happy with all the resources I unlocked for them by crossing. Here are a few images  to show what locations look like.

Immortal Conquest 195.png (524.25 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 195.png

Immortal Conquest 196.png (501.12 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 196.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-29 17:20
Being Occupied:
So you just started the game and thought it would be cool to have your own alliance. Bad move. Unless you are in position in the first 48 hours of the server starting and can gather enough resources odds are your alliance wont pass level 10, get any city production bonus, or gain other resources and gems.  If you dont team up with the players who can take regional cities you will pass up resources that otherwise will make you a high level player.  Once there is a clear leader in your region with a city bonus there is a 99% chance you should join them.

Once other regions have access to your country, you must be ready to act fast. Two things will happen, your alliance in your region will be stronger or it will not. If you understand stragety and location you can offer the incoming alliance a location to gather and make home base.  You could heven help them in once they break the boarders and take out the regonal alliance if they are weak.  If comes down to this... if you want XP, Gems, Skills and Gario for next season and beyond, join an alliance accordingly.

When you are Occupied you will have par resources to break free. You can still Harvest, Get Land, Build, and Level up your Gario. There will be a Flag Symbol ( image 200 ) to access the resources payment menu. Its easiest to use food to pay your way out.  If you joined the biggest Alliance then odds are your city might never even be attacked. The player looking at your real estate will realize that you have both resources and back up.

I had to be unreastically mean to make an alliance attack me, so odds are you are safe.  Mostly this means your game IQ is so low that the other player cant let you make any more mistakes or block their plan, worst case join them.

Immortal Conquest 200.png (529.15 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 200.png

Immortal Conquest 201.png (352.38 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 201.png

Immortal Conquest 202.png (266.5 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 202.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-30 13:37
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-4-30 13:43

Dont Freak Out:

So your Alliance with only a 6% resource bonus disolved, dont freak out, check the following things. I know you lost all your Occupied Cities BUT: Read, Look and Chill.
Do you have tons of emails about every all the officers being unassigned?
Did the Alliance Leader Message Everyone?
Was the Alliance under attack, or did it prosper in peace?
Is the Alliance Leader also indy like you?

REMEMBER: It takes 24 hours to transfer.  Even if you are under attack you can shield for part of the time between alliance transfers. Also being in an Alliance that does not offer a bonus for taking cities is silly. Only when there is no alliance that takes a city are under level 10 alliances useful. Either way they are most useful for travel and making forts at quality jump points.

So, Relax, Chill for 24-48 hours, if attacked Guard first then message the former alliance leader and the attacker for info.  Sure your alliance might be cool and close by, but why would you turn down (rss) resources that are 3x, 5x, or 10x more per hour than you get now.  Guard first and Attack later in most alliance merges, be sure to check in a chat for info too.

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-30 13:50
In this case, on S10 I was given the an Alliance I did not create by an inactive Chief, I used the ability to connect land between inactive cities and consume resources with about 15-20 cities.  However, I would not be taking any cities and wanted to join with the leading alliance in the game. This will secure enough resources for me to build armies well over 10k and take lands over L5.  Bu building several sub cities with these resources that are warehouses and coin generators I can then also unlock more Gario with 3 skills before the end of my first season.  Offer the alliance something of value. Location, Location, Location!  Can you secure a lot next to a city before anyone else? Even if you cant take a L9 x Death City, you can offer positions near cities and gates. If you secure these early in the season, you will be able to offer a large Alliance from your realm or others a dowry.
Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-4-30 15:52
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-1 11:02

Multi Realm Alliance Functions:

Just like a lot of land can or can not hold a location advantage. So do regions of a realm.  So to can Realms work together from the begining and plan for both better play and post season.

If Upper and Lower Egypt both created Alliances on the forst day of the season that planned to act as one.  They would plan early to seige gates without interpersonal conflicts. They would plan in advance to merge both Realms into a single Alliance.  They would ask the other Realms to create and join the same play.  Now add Attica to the mix, on the same play from day one all working together.  Wow then poor Boeotia would be surrounded on 3 boarders and basically would have to join ot be doomed in about 45 days. Furthermore if you add Anatolia to the mix basically half of the entire game map would have a game plan from day one! Thessaly would join Boeotia in doom, basically both of the smaller realms would be forced to join.

The same works inside a realm.  Lets go back to the small Alliance that I basically out grew, but invested in well, before I vanquished it.  Its positions and locations that are inportant.
Lower Egypt for example; Shu is to the north farthest from any other realm and has only one boarder crossing a warf.  This area generally would be better for defensive locations.  Forts and small sub cities that you could retreat troops to or teleport your main city back to out of harm. Also near the boarder of Edjo would be safe long term. Memphis on the other hand has more access points and a major city. Ptah would be full of offence and most likely Nefertem. I think areas like Seth and Sekhmet that boarder Upper Egypt would be easy to manage relationships between alliances to join.

Think of this as a player, look at more than your city. Look for key locations you can have forts at or nearby. This makes you valuable as a member to any Alliance.

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-2 12:32
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-2 12:51

Sub City Frenzy:

As you approach the end of the season and summon Level 20 Gario's, its important to unlock the thrid skill spot for the next season.  Going after two things will slow your advancement of the main skill to Level 10.  First unlocking too many skills will cost you storehouses of XP, and second;  When you summon the individual Gario at a higher cost, you do not gain as much XP as when you summon a group of lower gario for the 2800.  Try to earn enough in taxes to unlock one Gario a day to Skill Level 10, its close to 10k XP.  Having more Cities will also increase your total amount of Orders.

So to get more XP takes more coins which takes more cities, which takes resources.  Here is how to master the art of the "Fake City". Your neighbors will bow in fear! The "Fake City" is a cash cow that looks big on the outside but hollow inside.  To get all 4 expansions requires Govt. Hall Level 6.  If you dont have 3 Markets, build them asap in each city after the Govt Hall. Get the House and Storehouse to Level 5.  This is a huge cost savings in resources even including the time and rss to build the city.  Then get all 4 mills to level 5 and move on.  There is nothing more to increase for the "Fake City".  The image below shows the stages from the new one being build, one at stage 2 expansion and one "Fake City" finished.

Look at the cost in rss... 400 wood and 700 Stone net a 150+ increase. Compare this to your main cith that might take 600k rss for a 250+ increase.  This also holds true for the Storehouse.  1100 total rss can increase your total amount of storage by 10k and later in the main city its good to max this for the tax bonus but not in the "Fake Cities".

Immortal Conquest 205.png (544.34 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 205.png

Immortal Conquest 206.png (271.26 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 206.png

Immortal Conquest 207.png (259.11 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 207.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-2 12:44
Production Tip:
Try to build more in the same windown of time.  Let's if you build 3 Subs at about the same time, yes that's 27 tiles... But the production will be a better value than what most land would give.  Inside the city the times pair like this: House & Storehouse; Lumber & Wood Mills; Quarry and Food Mill.   Build these in pairs, build these pairs at about the same time in more than one city at a time. Avoid using coins and gems to speed up the upgrade times less than 30 min to an hour.  This kind of production will be 3x what you produced in the past.  Its nice to have added 9 mill upgrades in about 15 min, same with taxes. If you reach a limit with the sub cities you can build raise your fame.

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-3 12:55
Training on Level 6 Lands:
Here you will face troops close to 20k each.  While the production value is not like the increase from L4 to L5 the training increase is quite large at 200k.

Immortal Conquest 208.png (317.87 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 208.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-3 13:03
Tips for Alliances and City Raids:

Here is a message from a Chief of a large Alliance that is taking cities in more than one realm at the same time.  If you do not have the ability to do this and lead people in this manner I would advise you dislove your alliance and join one that can do it for you.  I continue to be amazed at players that hold themselves back, maybe starving on L1 lands, not joining Alliances that offer large hourly rss, or even not training troops.  Anyway this message contains some quality content for both players and Alliance leadership.

Immortal Conquest 209.png (321.76 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 209.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-3 13:30
Two 3 Star Gario Teams:

Here are two 3 star Gario teams, one for attack and one to have in reserve as a guard.  Rather than posting the pics, most players should know who the Gario are, I will post the server data regarding skill allocation.  I have chosen slightly different setups based upon what I have unlocked and am not already using.  

Purpose: Fort Runner + Guard
Gario:  Talus + Priam
Cost: 6  | Speed: 100  |  Range:  3 & 3  | Bonus: Calvary & Olympian
Skill: Talus - Run Through & Priam - Blazing Flames   |  Note: Both take 1 turn to Activate
Enhancement Points:  Both All Attack & Defense while maintaining Defense 10ps higher than Attack

Optional 3 Gario Team: Use Sinis below for an all Olympian team

Purpose: Guard
Gario:  Leag + Sinis
Cost: 6  | Speed: 70+12  |  Range:  4 & 4  | Bonus: Archery
Skill: Leag - Swift & Sinis - Fire Attack  |  Note: they hold each other's skills

Enhancement Points:  Both All Defense while maintaining some Spirit points to maintain Fire Attack.

Immortal Conquest 210.png (269.05 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 210.png

Immortal Conquest 211.png (274.56 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 211.png

Immortal Conquest 212.png (243.2 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 212.png

Immortal Conquest 213.png (259.58 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 213.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-3 18:13
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-25 14:29

City Siege's:

On Server 11, I took what i learned from 10 and put it to use with a single account and no support from secondary accounts.  With this in mind I build a theme based Military Camp based on Roman Legions.  Julius Ceasar is the Main City and I will later outline how to build a one.  First I will help with a local city that my alliance will be taking.  MaAt is a Level 8 12/12 so is that 24 Level 8 Armies? I will update the post later.  I have hacked together some seige troops to see what happens.  They are listed here and in the fort about 3 hours before Alliance attack.  After the Seige, I will drop both the fort and the land. This is very very important if you travel this way and move into other realms.

Immortal Conquest 216.png (556 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 216.png

Immortal Conquest 217.png (467.62 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 217.png

Immortal Conquest 218.png (463.63 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 218.png

Immortal Conquest 219.png (461.42 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 219.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-4 10:56
Stocking up on 3 Red Star Gario:
Do this before the end of the season and dont try to level any of them, just merge them together.  Do this for XP fracking when you begin season two. This gives you 3x the XP to unload when you start season 2.  The XP will get that primary skill to level 10 and if unlocked in season 1, your 3rd skill slot.  So unlock as many Gario as you can. You will get to a point where you run out of Gario since it cost 2 to unlock one.  Then you can switch focus from XP, back to Gario's and unload a massive amount of XP in your first 48 hours. Most likely that will get you to Level 5 lands very quickly in the season.

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-4 17:11
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-4 19:13

Think Local & Act Global:
If your Alliance is small or or if your looking to learn more about taking a city and growing both the Attack Crews and Seige Crews.  In wave one the largest crews will hit the main troops of the cities. In this picture I have over 100k Total troops on standby.  This is the second try to get the city so I know the player is inactive.  They just happen to be next to a city that my alliance will want to take soon.  Based on how "Box" took land it looks like they tried to attack shu very low and lost, as they got L5 lands they used forts to take other local cities, they seemed to think that if they made a sub city next to Shu they could get it.  I have a hunch that when they didnt they just gave up on the game.  Once you can master this in a small group it will be easy to move your Alliance forward.  The attack sequence took 115k Troops, but then only 2 hits each from my two 6.5k seige teams.  The total payout in rss was much better on this city then any I have found before, I imagine there was a storehouse in both the main and sub city.  

Immortal Conquest 220.png (534.51 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 220.png

Immortal Conquest 221.png (342.09 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 221.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-5 12:53
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-25 14:32

Quick Tip on Siege of Cities:
I dont really use the zoom function in normal game play, so I tap and tap and tap and tap.... finally I ask in chat. Oh ZOOM IN to ATTACK.  It is always nice to know the simple things.
Below in the images you will see the normal view and then zommed in.

Immortal Conquest 222.png (562.59 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 222.png

Immortal Conquest 223.png (534.08 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 223.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-6 12:38
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-6 15:01

Quick Tip - Recall Troops:

If your Troops are not in the Main City, but a Fort, Fortress, or Military Camp... then you can recall them even if Injured or Fatigued.  So if your 3 hours away and out of stamina, you get a free live back home, during which your stamina clock and injuries begin to recover.

Immortal Conquest 224.png (462.28 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 224.png

Immortal Conquest 225.png (529.19 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 225.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-6 15:18
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-7 12:05

Banking 101:

If a Level 6 tile is the center of your 3x3 lot to build a sub city you unlock a Bank in the Infrastuctrue.  I can see that if you were on a mission to only build subs on banks in season two that would make sence. I think holding out to do that in season one would be a mistake. I have doubled my hourly earnings with 4 or 5 subs having level 10 homes with just 1 expansion.
Don't forget to get another L6 tile to for Training before you build your bank.  Remember 5 sessions are 200k XP.

Rather than building a base camp where many subs surround a main city, if you are a multi region seige team you may want a sub city in each region and built on a bank is fine if you can get them easily.  Coins trun into XP that unlocks and powers up your Gario Skills.  Argentarii is a reference to persons in roman banking staying strong to the theme which makes up base camp.

Immortal Conquest 226.png (553.72 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 226.png

Immortal Conquest 227.png (543.15 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 227.png

Immortal Conquest 228.png (251.06 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 228.png

Immortal Conquest 229.png (256.12 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 229.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-6 15:30
Drills and Banking 202: - There seems to be a new update which does not load the battle scene while doing drills. THIS IS AWESOME!  Drills can provide about 1/2 of your daily gems needed for getting additional taxes. Keep things growing each payday. Build in the AM to collect in the PM, I like to collect the levy before the game reset.  This way I have 4x the normal rate collected and I can then wait for the taxes that unlock over the next 4 hours.  

Remember:   there is a point where building a new sub city cost less resources to increase taxes and production than upgrading the main. This point is around levels 10-15 out of 20. Storehouses that are max will pay out in two ways, first by not over flowing and second with the tax bonus, however this takes about a week to pay for its self.  The Skill Points are nice too.

Immortal Conquest 230.png (313.87 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 230.png

Immortal Conquest 231.png (342.79 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 231.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-6 17:20
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-7 12:02

Epic Gario Skill Point Progression:
Level 2:  51
Level 3:  +208
Level 4:  +432 = 691
( Advancement Total Doubles; it saves XP to keep Skills Level 4 and under that are not used to upgrade a 3rd Skill Slot, even with the 80% rebate. )
Level 5:  +691
Level 6:  +864 = 1555
Level 7:  +1037
Level 8:  +1209 = 4492
Level 9:  +1383
Level 10:  +1555 = 7430

So about 7500 is total amount of Skill points from Level 1 to Level 10 in an Epic Gario.  To note above, the blue is the investment cut off if you are not going to fully promore that Gario Skill.  So keep Skills under Level 5 until you get a handle on the exact teams you want to make. Also note that level 10 takes the same amount of XP that levels 1-6 take.

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-6 18:45
Quick Tip:   When you are the member of a large Alliance you have to work well with others.  Here is a note about doing just that.  Thanks Irish Pub on Server 10.

Immortal Conquest 233.png (311.83 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 233.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-7 12:36
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-7 12:37

Exchange Skill Points:

If you have an advanced understanding, or even basic knowledge of most games that have character building you know how the skill point system works. Level up and get points to allocate, but things change, so should your Gario.  I realy like the kind of game design features provided, this in one of them.  First lets say you added all attack to a Gario when the game started. However, now you have more powerful ones and this Gario's skill is based on Spirit.  Well its easy to reconfigure, I am sure many gamers are also thinkful.

Basic Designs, balanced never really works past low levels, being specialized is much more effective.  I have a common theme in all my accounts so far.  Get Talus and Priam each with 3 Red Stars and to Level 30.  I don't need them for attacking anymore. So I can make them both defence and both have a range of three. Each can carry the other's skill, Roar and Severe Damage with almost zero investment. If near the end of the season I have skill points and no 4 or 5 star gario left to unlock anything, I would unlock both of them and set them up with Ram Guard.  Why all this work?  Skill points stack into next season, that is a 60 point advantage while then being able to get to level 20 much faster will net another 20 points.  These will prove useful for both guards and fast grunt work, such as fort running and sub city layouts.

Small Teams like what I described above will also be useful for what I will show in the next few posts about Generals and Alliance Depolyment.
The First Regonfigure is free of charge so to speak. Then you have to wait 7 days or use gems.

Immortal Conquest 235.png (296.13 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 235.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-7 12:42
Fort Travel:
The time it takes to travel to the lot next to the fort was much longer than the travel time to the fort. Something to notice when traveling long distances.

Immortal Conquest 236.png (297.81 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 236.png

Immortal Conquest 237.png (300.69 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 237.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-7 15:00
General Meyham:

In this post I have mentioned to all levels of players the value of a large alliance over personal ego.  Again do you really have the time and leadership skills to manage the amount of people it takes to orgainze legions for cities in every region.  Some people can answer yes. The people who asnwer no, please join thoes who can say yes. Your rewards will be 100x greater than you imagined.  In the next post below I'll show a note from the Alliance Chief about these 4 images.

Immortal Conquest 240.png (396.62 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 240.png

Immortal Conquest 241.png (424.79 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 241.png

Immortal Conquest 242.png (368.69 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 242.png

Immortal Conquest 243.png (368.32 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 243.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-7 15:20
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-7 15:28

Rewards Above:
Want some of the rewards listed in the post above? Look for an email like the one in the image below or contact the Chief of an Alliance that controls Regional Cities.

Immortal Conquest 244.png (331.27 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 244.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-7 15:29
Off Site Chat:

This is the App to get.

Immortal Conquest 245.png (33.93 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 245.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-8 11:34
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-8 11:40

Pick the Right Real Estate 101:
This site would be best when you can afford a L4 in your 3x3 City layout.  First, note the mountians, then follow the lints of L4 food that project a fence to the left. Next the L3 Wood, L5 Iron, and L4 Quarry fence to the right.  Just outside view there are Allied L5 tiles a few lots from each side of the mountian.  Also just outside to the left is a low level inactive city that will make a large yellow fence of protection. other than a 12 tile city to the right its all Allied land for miles.  

The City 3x3; nte that the L3 wood is basically the center of the 3x3 plot. The 4 food lots box out the 3x3, Since there are 3 L5 foods its no loss. building here in that location would also allow a future bank. that's 3 tiles way. Further ambition lays 3 more tiles past that L6 quarry is an L8 Iron. I would build the bank tho. What is important is the quality of resources in your fence. Hopefully they are not L1 lots or very few of them. Also for training your L5/L6 lot is very clost to the city. Even the two L2 lots that would be exposed would be filled by two forts from your main far away to defend the sub.

Immortal Conquest 246.png (510.13 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 246.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-8 12:02
Pick the Right Real Estate 202:
In 101 the main outlook was being in your own realm.  What you cant see to the direct north about 8 tiles awas are a city with a sub that is occupied. Currenly the main battle is about 50 miles east.  There are 2 fortresses that direct connect to the yellow tiles, I build a fort next to one, sent troops took the fortress and layed out this city.  I saw the three factors marry up together. First, location to send a fort runner, upgrade from fort to fortress easily, but then... All the L4 Quarry almost made me laugh.  Since this is a Sub, I can build 3 forts around the city, the neighbor is a 20 tile inactive. They were messaged days ago with no response, its almost an inconvience to take them. But I get a few buffer tiles and will provide some basic coverage and offer the rest of the Alliance jump points in a protected area.

Immortal Conquest 247.png (529.01 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 247.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-9 22:00
Real Estate 303:
Here is a player that tried to help move into a new area. While they were able to take L5 lands they lacked the forsight to seek out a slightly more safe locaiton.  There is no value in the real estate except 1 L5 food.  Regarding the topic of forts, I placed a black dot on the location I would have picked to enter the area with a fort, protected on 3 sides with no threat on the open side of the tile.  If you look at the contrast in site between my Pallas location near by and that one both were potiential landing locations within 20 miles of each other.

Immortal Conquest 249.png (539.61 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 249.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-12 11:51
Rally Troops:

As shown in the General Meyham post above, once a regional city is taken the Alliance Chief can assign a General to that city.  The player must its own resources and build the General's Office.  Once the player has done this they might ask local players to send troops to the city.  To do this, click the city and select Rally. It will be up to the player who is the General to put together the legion.  I will cover that in the upcoming posts.

Immortal Conquest 250.png (524.04 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 250.png

Immortal Conquest 251.png (317.84 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 251.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-12 12:35
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-5-12 13:00

General Meyham 202:

Things to know...

- The General must assign your troop to the legion, they may ask you to send or you can pick Rally like above.
- 5 total troops can be sent as one legion, but they do not attack at the exact same second
- Center front hits first, then 10 seconds the middle troops then 10 seconds later the rear troops
- A legion fits in a fort equal to its number of troops as expected.
- A legion can attack up to 5 tiles at once. - I do not see the option of instant recall for 20 gems
- Whatever legion wins the lot keeps the tile.  
- So is the same player owns both troops in the rear its likely they would retain the tiles that have two troops, or city guards.
  But if used to tunnel then 5 different player troops are more valuable, both sharing the tiles used location access to build new forts.
- Once the Troops have arrived the General can drop and drag them into place.  Also they could rotate then by troop loss after a few attacks.
- There are advanced options for troop assembly conditions as well.
- Generals could also include a resource priority if taking five L5 lands at once, maybe a player was low on wood or stone and could communicate that to the general.

As you can see in the images, I picked a resource rich area right next to the city. There is a L8, three L6, four L5 and three L4 lots.  Before I take them I feel sending all the troops to the city first gets me faster access all the rss if I occpuy the city. Just out of view there are more additional L5's and L6's.   

Immortal Conquest 255.png (354.12 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 255.png

Immortal Conquest 256.png (474.8 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 256.png

Immortal Conquest 257.png (545.26 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 257.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-20 20:16
"That Guy..."  "That Guy..."  "That Guy...":

Dont be that player that is over stubborn and puts ego first in game play.  Here is a high level gamer approaching level 50 troops.  Told me the guide was lame and the alliance was a fly by night. They dont fence because its dumb.  They didnt seem to understand end of season rewards either. Here you see a blue sub being build on the runis of the city the stubborn player used to own.  They started taking tiles of an alliance surrounding a city while being an indy. Someone will always fill "That Part..."  "That Part..."  "That Part..."  BUT, let it be someone else.

Immortal Conquest 260.png (518.94 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 260.png

Author: MacBizzo    Time: 2017-5-23 14:00
Mountian Forts:
In this image I have picked a location where the river dead ends into mountians. You can barley see the river near the quest button, and past that there are more mountians. Look for pockets in these mountians and build forts in them. The best will protect your fort on all three sides allowing you to defend in a phallanx so to speak.  Then the weekend comes and so do the bandit camps.  This huddle of forts is not only a jump point now but a cash cow as well.  I was happy to learn that the L7 x2 bandits are much easier than taking a L7 land.  While 100k+ coins is nice, after the raids I cleared 500k.

When using coins to summon - ( this is feel so not sure if its true but... )  First allocate what you can in both garios, skills, and upgrades. Then, try not to summon during the busiy times on the server. Dont batch summon over 100k coins during busy server times or reset +1, +2, +3, +4. I have had better luck at reset -2, -1 or early in the am pst.

Immortal Conquest 261.png (563.43 KB, Downloads: 0)

Immortal Conquest 261.png

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