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Title: Gairo card packs [Print this page]

Author: poseidon1192    Time: 2017-3-16 13:24
Title: Gairo card packs
Recently, I have tried to get 4 star gairos from these purple packs. However, the pack will never appear in the summon tab after I finish the attack. I have tried this around 20 times, but it still doesn't work. Can someone please let me know if the program is broken or if I'm doing something wrong. Normally it would work with 3 star blue pack.

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Author: poseidon1192    Time: 2017-3-21 23:19
64 looks and no responses. Can someone let me know if this is a me problem or a general issue? I works perfectly for 3 star packs.
Author: poseidon1192    Time: 2017-3-27 21:34
Title: second incidence
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I've had many four and five star land packs, but they won't produce summon card packs.. However, only the three star packs  produce  card packs. I've produced more evidence. Can someone please help. I feel like I'm getting cheated.

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Author: Myscreant    Time: 2017-4-4 12:23

That sir, in the pics you are an "EXP Scroll" not a "Card Pack."  That is why you do not see a summoning update.  Had you looked in the system chat window, you would have seen something like "blah blah has gained XXXXX xp."

It is not a bug.  It is working as intended.

Author: poseidon1192    Time: 2017-4-7 22:19
Myscreant replied at 2017-4-4 12:23
That sir, in the pics you are an "EXP Scroll" not a "Card Pack."  That is why you do  ...

Thank you! I rarely check the system chat, but I will now. They look similar and got confused. Thank you for the explanation.

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