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Title: Releasing a Player's City that you Occupied [Print this page]

Author: sheilaanderson    Time: 2018-5-9 04:51
Title: Releasing a Player's City that you Occupied
I have searched for an answer to this, but cannot find anything on it.  
When you occupy a Main or Sub city, is there a way to give it back or 'release it' after you have used it for advancing position?

Thanks in advance for advice!

Author: Novonrus    Time: 2018-5-23 21:20
Sorry to inform you the only way to have a city that you occupied be freed is to have the owner spend a certain amount of resources to revolt, which varies based upon government hall level and subcities and or or fortresses. You can also have (if they are member to an alliance,) another member invade and free them.


Author: giviflor30    Time: 2020-4-8 03:43
From: 2048 cupcakes
Unfortunately that is not gonna happen. sorry

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