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Title: A Brand-New Gameplay----Rogue [Print this page]

Author: Eric    Time: 2018-4-13 05:11
Title: A Brand-New Gameplay----Rogue
Edited by Eric at 2018-4-16 01:51

A Brand-New Gameplay ---- Rogue

A new entity rogue is released after maintenance on April 12th, you must be unfamiliar with it, therefore, let us introduce you this new entity now.

A. How to become the Rogue?
1)  Rogue only opens in Season 2 or above, after your server completing the Epic Achievement - Exterminate Barbarian Camp, Rogue function will be opened. Players whose Government Hall reach Lv. 6 are able to choose to become the rogue in the Interior - Rouge interface. Please pay attention you can’t go rogue if you create a new role after rogue opening.

2)  A new Rogue’s hideout is under a truce for 3 hours. Whilst, its hideout will not be visible on the map unless they are within view range of some infrastructures.

P.S.: Once you become the rogue, you can't go back during this season!

B. Rule of choosing homeland:
You can choose to respawn in a rogue's hideout in your current state or an adjacent state linked by a pass. If your main city is in the initially 5 normal States,you cannot enter Cisalpina, Sicilia or Italia. If your main city is in Cisalpina or Sicilia, nor can you enter Italia.

C. Benefits of Rogue
1.  Main City/Hideout: Main City changes to Hideout and keeps all infrastructures and levels; you can continue to upgrade or build them as well as use resources to move hideout to any own fortress.
2.  Subcity: All your subcities are reset and can’t be built.
3.  Territory: All occupied lands are reset, you can occupy again but can’t get resources. Rogues have a territory cap of 60 and only need 10 minutes to drop a land.
4.  City: NPC cities can beoccupied by rogue guilds
5.  Fortress:
1)  You can build a new fortress. Conscripting soldiers in fortresses doesn't cost Coins, and militia can be used in fortress conscription as well.
2)  lvl1 own fortress and field fortress can’t store the militia that get from PVP battles unless the own fortress reaches Lvl2, Lvl3, Lvl4 and Lvl5, the number of corresponding militia which can bestored is 2K, 4K, 6K and 8K.
6.  Alliance/Guild:
1)  Alliance information is reset, and alliance changes to guild, you can create a guild with other 50 rogues at most.
2)  All rogues can borrow each other's tiles when marching, and can’t attack each other. Only the members of the same guild can share their views and guard each other.
3)  Guild also can occupy cities and get the resource bonus.
7.  Chat/Mail: Alliance chat is canceled, add new guild chat, rogues chat and guild mail.
8.  Resource: Reset resources output from occupied land, add Pillage and Scavenge to get resources. Resource infrastructures still can product in hideout, but rogue troops are unable to harvest, bandit is not refreshed any more.
9.  Coin: The ways of getting coins except for tax.
1)You can use honor to buy coins.
2)Directly get coins with 6 times basic tax after successfully pillaging NPC city which is occupied by normal player.
2)Attack Barbarian Camp.
4)Scavenge the NPC city which is not occupied to get coins.
10. Interior: Keep functions of trade, black market, shield, move city and rogue.
1)  Trade function of rogue opens by default. If Hideout does not build the market, the trade ratio is 10:3, and after construction, it is 10:4
2)  Shield and black market are the same as normal players.
3)  The purpose of moving city for rogues is to build their own fortresses, the function is the same as normal players. But rogues move their cities will consume 100,000 resources, no need to use gems.
4)  The rove button will disappear after you becoming the rogue, but you can choose rogue again in the rove interface and your location will be changed. Cooling time is 2 days, please pay attention the exceed resources will be lost after going rogue again.
11. Troop: The maximum cost is 10, it increases with the upgrade level of infrastructure. Each rogue can build up 5 troops at most.

12.March: All rogues (contain the rogues which in the different guilds) can borrow each other's tiles when marching, and can’t attack each other.
13.Landevents: Bandits are not refreshed any more.
14.Ranking: Add rogues’ honor ranking.

D. Development
The way to obtain resources is to pillage land and cities and fight enemies, whilst, rogues also can create guild to attack and occupy cities.
1. Pillage:
1)  Maincity: After Rogues reduce the durability of the player's main city to 0, and then can pillage 80% resources in player’s storehouse.  
2)  Subcity: After Rogues reduce the durability of the player's subcity to 0, and then can pillage a part of resources in player’s storehouse.
3)  City Districts: Directly get coins with 6 times basic tax
4)  Territory: Directly get 20 hours land production.
5)  Infrastructure: Demolish infrastructure of normal player such as fortress, tower, Mercenary Camp, and stronghold, can obtain 80% of its upgraded resources except for orders. Normal players also can obtain the same resources if demolish infrastructure of rogue.
The pillaged land/subcity/main city will be in pillage status for 24 hours without producing resource, and unable to be pillaged again.
1) Maincity won’t be in occupied by pillage
2) Subcity won’t be demolished by pillage
3) Rogues can pillage 50% wounded soldiers from normal player as militia and take them return to the point of departure.
2. Scavenge:

Use 3 Orders to have a troop Scavenge and do not have to control bordering land. You can scavenge at any unoccupied land within 10 squares, and obtain resource after defeating land’s defenders.

E. Elimination
When enemies reduce a hideout's durability to 0, that rogue will be eliminated
1) Eliminated rogues lose all their territory
2) Hideout of eliminated rogue will respawn in a random place in the same state, losing some resources and soldiers in the process.
3) All infrastructures’ levels won’t be reduced after respawning.

F. Season Reward
* The number of capitals occupied by rogues (including Roma)
* Rogues' Honor rankings are calculated based on the Honor acquired after going rogue
* If Honor accrued after becoming a rogue is less than 50,000, then you can only get the worldwide rewards and will not be eligible for rogue rewards. Worldwide rewards can only be obtained if your Government Hall reached Lv. 8 this season.
* Rogues' seasonal rewards are the Challenger rewards, Challenger packs that let you draw season-specific Gairos.
* The Challenger pack contents will be updated at certain intervals, which will be announced.

Author: Trealous    Time: 2018-4-15 17:09
Edited by Trealous at 2018-4-16 01:14

Having Rogue on all servers by default is ruining the fun for many people because you have very strong players going rogue from main alliance only to act as Rogue allies and continuing to fight only enemies of their main alliance. This is a bad exploit. The Rogue feature should be on specific Rogue servers and they should have to go Rogue from the start so you don't have people who farmed up the beginning of the game and because they have really strong teams they can fight relentlessly with no downside. If the Rogue base gets killed they just respawn and within 1 day they are back at it again as if nothing happened. Not even their base is affected, how does that make sense? This is a no downside setup. Please remove Rogue from the main servers and keep it on a Rogue specific server so it doesn't ruin the fun for everyone else.
Author: Ren/Irish    Time: 2018-6-17 05:09
I totally disagree I've been playing this game since server 15 and now we're up to server 46 and all I know is the game has changed drastically. It's turned into Political farming alliances merge within the first 2 weeks to season opens now there is absolutely zero War zero PVP you sit on your thumbs for 10 weeks waiting for the next season for what nothing. And in actuality a lot of the vet players are getting sick of it and we are starting to build 50-member Rogue guilds which reached absolute havoc on all you farmers. The only way Rogue should be taken away from this game is if the alliances are push to a cap of 50 to 75 members. And then there wouldn't be enough room for everybody to just run to the biggest Alliance the alliance's would be forced to compete. I've had many good friends leave and rage quit the game because it's turned into nothing but politics and farming. Should change the name to Immortal agriculture. And as soon as a couple good Rogue Clans are successful at taking down those big alliances. I guarantee you'll see things change and I'll be a lot more full Rogue Clans running around. The farmers and the sleepers caused this. But you always have the option to go download Farmville if you don't like it.
Author: slowfuego    Time: 2018-7-24 11:20
The problems with rogues arent that they exist, its that they arent balanced and they take advantage of mid-lower level players who just quit the game because they cant deal with them.  I'm positive that rogues being able to grief anyone and everyone has driven more people to quit the game than farming alliances.  And if you can get 50 high level players to leave a farming alliance to go rogue, you could get them to form an alliance that forces pvp just as easily.  All you want to do is take advantage of a broken piece of the game.  Out of 5 seasons, this is my first where we didnt have a major war, and thats due to the alliance that started losing just going rogue immediately.

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