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Title: Server 4. FightClub [Print this page]

Author: Serpentile    Time: 2017-3-5 22:45
Title: Server 4. FightClub
Server 4 Fight Club

We intend to implement a designated 1v1 pvp dueling arena to allow players to test and improve their PVP comps and skill sets and have fun! The arena will be based away from active PVP and PVE zones in the Attica territory.  This territory has been deemed a Domination controlled non-contested territory, so please be respectful of the letter and spirit of the rules below so that this arena can continue to thrive.

1. This arena will be limited small radius (5 tiles) around the Serpentile (TD) owned fort of “Fightclub” (1182,1089)
2. For Domination: the fort is off-limits to PVP attack and the surrounding TD land is off-limits to non-arena PVP attack.  This fort is for managing the arena, not a back door into your territory.  Kicking the fort will shutdown the arena.
3. For TD: bridging this land to PVP against non-participating Domination territory or to capture high level lands and districts is prohibited as per the treaty between Domination and TD and will likely result in the arena being shut down.
4. Process for setting up and carrying out duels is as below

Step 1: Find your opponent and select your tile to contest.  If there are no tiles available, contact Serpentile to capture/bridge to the target tile.
Step 2: Designated defender army guards the target tile for pre-arranged time (be careful of overlapping guard tiles)
Step 3. Designated attacker army attacks the target tile at a pre-arranged time
Step 4: The duel is over and the defender recalls their army if still alive.  The victor drops the land as soon as possible

Any questions - contact Serpentile in game or via mail,



Author: Serpentile    Time: 2017-3-5 22:49
Link to Server 4 rule set.

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