JollieOllie Publish time 2018-2-25 08:29:52

Legion not usable

Once my legion arrived at a fort I attempted to send them to another fort and a “legion is marching, not available” message was displayed, even though they were on standby and had remained on standby hours prior. I restarted my game and attempted again with the same result, guarding also proved useless. The one thing I could do was, attack tiles. I was too far to use them in the war and so I had to recall. This was 3 hours of my time and my legion members time wasted. I also had to gem recall.

JollieOllie Publish time 2018-2-25 08:35:42

After I bought gems to afford a legion recall it’s now letting me send to the same exact fort i had attempted while they were on standby outside the city. This is extremely frustrating.

JollieOllie Publish time 2018-2-25 09:54:42

Occurred for a second time. All units on standby and yet it says the legion is marching and won’t let me guard or move to another fort?undefined
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