Miller1978 Publish time 2018-2-14 00:14:43

Cannot get back to my main account

I am having trouble logging into my main account. My phone did an update and restarted. When I tried to log into the game. It started me off as a new player. My account was bonded to my Google play. What is happening? Help

2817312044 Publish time 2018-2-18 12:25:18

Same issue with mine!

LORD_AUSAR Publish time 2018-2-24 09:03:10

Ive had this happen before, i had tried to diagnose this problem and fix it, if you use ios, check the game in your phone settings or delete and re download it, if its android, unbind google play and delete the game, re download it and go into the game settings at start menue and bind it again, find the server you were on and see if it worked

JAird Publish time 2018-3-6 15:42:40

2817312044 replied at 2018-2-18 12:25
Same issue with mine!

Did you fix it? I'm having the same issue
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