God Publish time 2017-2-13 23:39:37

Game Suggestions

Hello all, I have recently been asked by several members of forums for a page dedicated to game suggestions. Please post what you would be interested in seeing added/fix/removed in this forum discussion.

Jayveon Publish time 2017-5-31 21:33:39

World Chat is awful. The map is huge so it can take weeks or even months to "encourage" someone to be quiet.

Introducing - Bounties!!!

Clicking someone's name, a box opens up for personal information, send mail, and add to blacklist. Please add "Place Bounty"

People can add resources, coins, and/or gems to Target someone. It can be accumalitive so other people can add to the bounty. I'm not sure of the logistics like who would be rewarded if it's a group effort. Goals could be destroying a number of subs or occupation.

Jello Publish time 2017-2-15 20:12:27

Totally agree on the guard cards after first 30 day login. It is very painful to sacrifice any two 5 stars... Also second on the renaming of Subcitys/Forts.Use for Honor.A Better Zoom OUT function would be very..very helpful for me.

FunTillDeath Publish time 2017-4-25 01:01:59

It would be nice if we have MAX button at conscripting... and not to slide each 3 bars to right every time you want heal your troop...

Jayveon Publish time 2017-2-26 16:40:28

When troops are marching, they carry a flag. It'd be cool if alliances can make their own that has more customization options each level. It could be flying in our cities too.

Titan Publish time 2017-2-14 18:05:26

Ability to rename your own forts.

Nightmare Publish time 2017-8-24 11:24:51

I suggest that in the side list, that shows your troupes, I would like to see the horse icon for returning troupes be either a backwards horse or a castle icon. I like to keep track of all 5 troupes and prefer to know who's almost home and who's almost to the attack location and it would be nice to just peak instead of having to hunt them down one by one.

God Publish time 2017-2-15 14:27:46

Draw Rates: How likely you are to draw a certain card in each pack

Collodi Publish time 2017-2-16 13:42:15

I'd add my +1 to the following:

- Renaming Forts
- Guard Cards showing up periodically in daily rewards after 28 days
- Pull rates in summoning
- Clarification of skill descriptions!

I'd also like to add:

- Additional events! The "take 3 cities" was a good one, but would be fun to have more events to get players pushing for different goals, both individually and as alliances.
- Added features in the Drills area. Once you get to a certain level, it's just mindless clicking for resources on the highest level.

nickeyblaze Publish time 2017-3-20 07:51:32

There should be an influence limit required to allow people to chat in WC.This is the case in many games where you must get to a certain level so people don't create alts to harass, promote other games, and ruin game play for the player base.Doesn't have to be anything high but maybe something like 500 influence before someone can do WC.

Recently there has been a wave of alts being created in other servers to harass the player base with no intentions of playing.Make them at least put time into getting to a certain level before this is allowed to happen.

Also, player moderators should have the ability to mute players in the game for WC.This can help prevent abuses of the general chat system.People who violate the games filters by cussing using special characters should get muted for a set period of time to cool down.They get warned not to do again.If they become repeat offenders then more serious actions should be taken.

This is a fun and competitive game and everyone should have the ability to play no matter their age and not worry about someone throwing around foul language because they know how to add a tilde to their words or use an exclamation point for an I.

Titan Publish time 2017-3-1 23:14:05

App notifications for when buildings have finished construction and when troops have finished training.

ShadowcatX Publish time 2017-2-14 09:01:11

Updated information on all the Gairos, including corrected stats and skills.

Explanations of what skills do. Like what does splitting the team mean other than engaging two targets? (Including what skills can and cannot stack.)

LordRage Publish time 2017-2-14 10:57:34

Please let me click on a tile and do a "Send to" chat channel function.please. please. please. etc.

ShadowcatX Publish time 2017-2-14 17:51:10

A list of all status effects, good and bad, what they do, and what they stack or do not stack with.

Uni Publish time 2017-2-15 00:10:36

Guard cards mixed into the daily rewards after the first 28 days.

ShadowcatX Publish time 2017-2-15 06:49:52

Uni replied at 2017-2-15 00:10
Guard cards mixed into the daily rewards after the first 28 days.

So much this!!!

Dasani Publish time 2017-2-16 11:38:36

Ability to see all building orders on one screen.You can probably piggy back the City screen.
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