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5-Star Gairo Analysis (2) | Player’s Guide

Celtic Lancelot SkillAroundight:Launches an attack against a single enemy (damage rate 80%), and increases the damage to them caused by attacks and spirit attacks by 10%, which lasts 1 turn.: High-probability, high-stability solo output. Increases solo extra damage and focus fire to break defenses.Dismantling SkillDefensive Stance:After the battle starts, decreases all received damage by 17.5, and this effect can be stacked once each round.Gairo FeaturesArchers vanguard nemesisUltra-high-speed infantryIgnites the coreAttribute StatsAll attackOr all defenseHigh self-defense and growth rateSkill LearningAttack type skills. Solo output skills and high damage skills.Defense type. Return the Fire + Defense skills.Gairo PositionIt has a good speed as an infantry Gairo, so it can pair its attack buffs with various high damage output Gairo. Can effectively nuke a single Gairo.

Celtic Balor SkillSight of Death:Increases the damage rate of launched attacks by 12.5%, and casts active skills against the enemy army each round (damage rate 60%). However, normal attacks cannot be launched..: A pure skill Gairo that can't launch normal attacks. Has extremely stable damage output. A pure skill Gairo.Dismantling SkillAdvanced Range Attack:Increases the attack attributes by 10, spirit by 10, and attack range by 1. It also gives the same benefits to the allied team in the first 3 turns after the battle begins..Gairo FeaturesCounselor with skill output to increase attack and decrease damageUnable to carry out normal attacks and isn’t afraid to counterattackAttribute StatsPure attackPure defenseSkill Learning1. AOE attack skill/AOE command/physical attack passive/increased active attack2. Command defense control skill/control skill/defense skill3. Return the Fire/AOE skills with 2 targetsGairo PositionPhysical attack-type continuous range output/stable high-efficiency/physical-type Fionn/Gairo with stable speed attack in the first 4 rounds/aims to kill enemy fronts and centers within 4 rounds.Formation RecommendationRear: Healer, Center: Balor, Front: Tank, other types of formations awaits discovery.  

Celtic Macha SkillFervor of Battle:Allows self troop to make two normal attacks in each round and increases attack attributes by 15.: Double normal attack. Carries a 200% chance of triggering a chase. This skill can't be stacked with Repeated Attack or other double-attack skills. Dismantling SkillRise:Increases the damage of allied team's spirit attacks by 17.5%, which lasts 2 turns.Gairo FeaturesDouble trigger chaseAttribute StatsAll into Attack! Skill LearningPhysical chase skill, such as Trail , Psychological Attack , etc. Physical passive skill which increases damage, such as Rise.Gairo PositionSolo outputSolo controlFormation RecommendationFierce attack teamSingle-target nuking teamControl teamA great asset to any team, due to its single target damage output and low cost of cultivation can easily stack up its damage output. Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.
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