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after reading it,become the master of game and forum!

Dear lord,welcome to our Immortal Conquest forum.These threads and guides below you must read it carefully-If you want to be master.

1. How to use function on forum?(clikck to skip)
2. How to playgames better?(clikck to skip)
3. Facing problems?Where is the GM?(clikck to skip)
4.Other problems about account,network connection?

If you want to know more, send PM to me or write dowm your problems.

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Deepsoulfire Publish time 2017-5-8 17:12:59

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How come there are Announcements that I can't read? I want to know how the new legion system works, but I just get denied access for some reason.

EDIT: "No permission to read this 100" type message.


Novonrus Publish time 2018-5-31 11:52:47

Deepsoul, most likely a bug in the system. Try reporting immortal conquest
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