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Guide for season 2 start

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With the start of the new season, the competition will be more intense, a good start is half the success.The difficulties of the new season are several; 1. Resource constraints; 2. The level of skill is low; 3. The unknown field raised the difficulty.At the start of the season, using your resources rationally will be a guarantee of your success.Pre-stage preparation1. Lot of full enhanced rare gairo . A enhanced rare gairo can convert 48 of the skillEXP. The 7-level skill about the 1500 EXP needed

2.Select or collect the gairos to start . Full enhanced epic gairos have moreadvantages.Choosing the low cost gairos as a starting combination is a good choice3.All the skills that need to be dismantled and research before season ended. skill EXP are less when new season just begin, so do not dismantle new skills, unless very needed4.Prepare a lot of Theia

5.prepared skill Mortal Combo&Threaten if you can.


Get startAt the beginning of the new season, everyone will have 48 hours of novice protection time, during which we will have the following features:A.The recovery time for the wounded is 1 minutesB.Halve stamina consumptionThe perfect use of these 2 features will allow you to sit on the rocket during thebeginner's flight to the sky1.chose region2.Get basic Resources①finished lv1 land quest.②finished first part of drill③upgrade Level 2 drill grounds. (Remember not to recruit)3.The first stage of up level of gairos①Use Theia + need up level gairo collocation, re-attack (not conscription) lv5 land,through the output to gain experience, until the level of the gairos reached 5② put mortal combo,rapid march,Foresight for second again untillgairo reach lv8.4.gairos skills upgrade①Make a troop of two core gairos and use the reservists for conscription②convert those rare gairos into skill experience,upgrade damage output skills first.③Skills, a single skill upgrade is no better than multiple skills promotion, so whenupgrading skills, prioritize multiple skills to 5 and upgrade other important technologies5.Occupy lv 3 land① Two of the core gairo to reach more than 1500 soldiers after recruited and skillsupgrade to 5 levels, you can capture the lv 3 land②In the experience of the upgrade, 2 gairos have been given more experience than 3gairos, such as 3 can obtain 3000 experience, two gairos to sweep 1500 experience respectively; The three gairos were given 1000 points of experience respectively.So, if you have a more powerful Gairos, we recommend that you use two Gairos to capture Level 3 landUse the order to harvest resources, preferential harvesting of stones, a lot of landconnections, you can harvest more resources①because of stamina tension, so the thief with the main force to solve is a luxury thing6. Occupy lv4 land①I recommend that you capture the lv4 land when you have 3000-3500 soldiers②Building front barracks as soon as possible can effectively reduce losses③Threaten upgrade 5-7④Use scouts to check the enemy
7.Two directionA.Re-explore lv4 land①Having powerful heroes, good skills, usually less damage incombat.By re-explore the lv4 land , the hero can be maximized.②But one thing to be carefully, after every battle, the defenders on the ground will be use scouts to check the enemy before attack ,there before attack.chose the one which are easy to win.reduce your losses.③If everything are going well.your mian troop can reach lv 20 before protect time end,once you put third can be easy to occupy lv5 land.④follow the quest, finish those quests which gives resource only,and always attack with full soldiers.B Upgrade lv7 government hall,building barrack.because about COST. Many good gairos can put in troops,so many troops are weaks.but, if we can building the barrack,Through more soldiers to compensate for the inadequacy of combat effectiveness,To achieve the goal of capturing level five land①only occupy 4 pcs of lv 4 land, use it for harvest.troops are only re-explore lv3 land to get the experience with less lose.②Get resources to upgrade government hall through harvest,building the barrack and upgrade.then jump lv4,go straight to lv5 land.③This method is more stability, if you are lucky enough,bandit and drill gives quarry,it will be more faster.④Because the resources consumption is less, the building level upgradewill be stable, It takes about 3 days for the whole process to lv7 government hall,Not much slower than method A, so I suggest that you use this method8.Occupy lv 5 landA.main damage output gairo putting third skillB Troop has 5500 soldiersTo meet any of the above conditions, you can start capturing level 5,if you don't have good troop,Prepare another a troop of 3500 soldiers and give help after the main troop draws.when your troop has 8000+ soldiers and with skill like threaten and has third will occupy lv 5 land with almost no loss.With the occupation of the lv5 land more and more, all aspects of the property hassoared, then congratulate you have been perfect through the purgatory period, into the new golden Age.

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Mortal Combo and Threaten? That is a very expensive form of foresight and chase.

Sure a few officers have some skills like that but realistically, its going to be easier than you think to start season 2.The number 1 concern should be where you land in the realm.The real estate can make or break a fast start.If you have poor land selection it takes about 2-3 weeks to repair the damage from a poor spawn location.

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Useful guide for players who are going to enter season 2.How many rares do you advice to have fully advanced beforehand?
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