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Your First 48 Hrs + Tactics, Tips and Strategy Guide

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Official Game Guide:Easy to AdvancedThis Massive Game Guide will answer 100's of questions. 200+ of Screen Shots!
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The Market
Fence 101
Fence 202
Fence 202
Fence 202
Fence 202
Fence 202
Level 3 Lands
Choke 101
Choke 202
Scout for a City
Troop Bonus
Siege Teams 101
Siege 101
Grid, Fence, Choke 202
The Grid
Heal 101
Heal 101
Heal 202
Siege Teams 202
Training 101
Attack Skills 101
Attack Skills 202
Forts 101
Alliance 101
Alliance 101
Training 202
Enhancement 101
City Siege Notes
Territory Management
Daily Drills Reminder
Troop Management 101
New City 101
XP Scrolls
Gario Recommendations
Harvest 101 and 202
New City 202
Fence 202
Market 202
Enhancement 202
Fence 202
ID# and Player info
Back 2 Basics
Forts 202
Synchronized Deployment
Noob Alert
Alliance Synergy
Attacking from a Distance
Level 4 Lands
Level 5 Lands
City Creation Notes
A Very Common Mistake
Alliance Officer Notes
Using Guard to Attack
Move A City
How to Drop a Fort
Open Boarders
Barracks, L5 Lands and Troops
Alliance Intelligence
Spottig Ruins
Production Value with Forts
Dismantle a Gario
Crossing Rivers w/o a Warf
Being Occupied
Dont Freak Out
Multi-Realm Alliance Functions
Sub-City Frenzy
Production Tip
Train on L6 Land
Alliances and City Raids
Two 3 Red Star Gario Teams
City Siege's
Stocking up on 3 Red Star Gario
Think Local and Act Global
Quick Tip on Siege of Cities
Banking 101
Drills and Banking 202
Epic Gario Skill Cost
Quick Tip: Tile Snipping
Exchange Skill Points
Fort Travel
General Meyham 101
Off Site Chat
Pick the Right Real Estate 101
Pick the Right Real Estate 202
Pick the Right Real Estate 303
Rally Troops
General Meyham 202
"That Guy"
Mountain Forts
Donate to Your Alliance
Golden Scroll XP
Gario Teams - Olympic Horsemen I
Gario Teams - Olympic Horsemen II
Gario Teams - Basic Titans
Gario Teams - Egyptian Siege I
Gario Teams - Nordic Horsemen I
Gario Teams - Mixed Siege I
Gario Teams - Olympic Infantry Siege I
Gario Teams - Nordic Horsemen II
Gario Teams - Egyptian Assault I
Gario Teams - Egyptian Explorer I
Training on L7 and L8 Lands
Epic Gario Pack III
Gairo Teams - Egyptian Assault II
Gairo Teams - Egyptian Explorer II
Fort Runner I
Mixed Seige II
Dynamic Duo's
Fort Runner II
Gairo Teams - Nordic Archers I
Gairo Team - Nordic Horsemen II
Gairo Teams - Healing Titans I
Gairo Teams - Egyptian Explorer III
Gairo Teams - Olympic Guard I
Gairo Teams - Titan Guard I
Gairo Teams - Damage Inc.
4 Gairo Groups - Kings + 3 more
Pro Tip: Coin Summoning Order
Pro Tip: Free Summon - "Flash Game"
Pro Tip: Top Secret I
Pro Tip: Top Secret II
Entry Level Seige I
Sample Alliance Structure

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Official Game Guide:Easy to AdvancedThis Massive Game Guide will answer 100's of questions.100+ posts with 200+ Screen Shots!
Start Here with the very basics in your first 48 hours as a new players.

( Intro )
[*]In your first 48 hours you can not be attacked. If you properly establish your territory odds are you wont be attacked afterwards either.
[*]Either way the odds of being attacked are low after the 48 hours is over. Stamina loss is 50% slower the first 48 hours.
[*]So run out as many troops to get as much land as you can as fast as possible.

( Your Game Play)
[*]The first thing to determine is: How many of the 48 hours are you going to play?
[*]Are you a player who will lose a few hours of sleep and push through?
[*]Are you a player who just wants to login a few times a day?
[*]Will you login only once a week or less?

( Part 1: Money )
[*]The second thing to determine is: Will you spend $20 dollars as a starter kit for your game?
[*]If yes, purchase the .99 cent pack, the 30 day pack, and the 500 & 250 pack. Its the cheapest to unlock the 3x starter pack. If no, then focus on the daily login rewards, however 30 day pack for $6 is still recommended. I picked the path of spending the $22 and trying to maximize my hours of game play for the first 48 hours. If you chose the slow and steady path, daily get your login bonus, your 2 free daily Gario.

( Part 2: Seasons )
[*]Every game season it seams that all the cities reset, players retain 80% of their resources and all Gario. I really like this kind of game play advancement, while it increases revenue it also allows for a Gario saga. Meaning that in season one of your play, you start to build a team. Once season two comes, you have your team, but now you can build a much better city then in season one. You will be able to travel across the lands to the larger cities and lead much stronger alliances.

( Part 3: Alliance ) DO NOT... Start your own Alliance! As a 1st season player you will not have the resources that other players who are on second seasons and beyond. It is pointless for you to start an Alliance. Odds are that you will not have the personal skills to manage an alliance. Can you create off site chats, spreadsheets, attack cities in every realm while defending your own. Can you manage personal conflicts, both in your own alliance and with other alliances? I hope you get the point, basically persons on medical leave or unemployed have enough time in the day to manage such things. ALSO... the BIGGEST MISTAKE I SEE IS... a player who refuses to join an Alliance that overs free resources from captures cities. Please dont do this. Player after player on server after server to this... sending them a polite email telling them that if they join they get resources (rss) every hour for free. Poof they get scared and Rove wasting any progress they had. Again, please dont be that player.
( Part 4: The City )
[*]Infrastructure; its easy to get lost so keep your focus.
[*]The top items are Government L4, Drill Grounds L3, Recruitment L5, and Front Barracks L2.
[*]You need the Quarry and Iron mill to L5 but the food mill can stay low level.
[*]Homes and Warehouse can hover at L5 too.
[*]Next you have to have Iron to get troops for your Gario.
[*]You have to have Stone to build and I expanded to L10 for each.
[*]Houses bring in tax money, this I also expanded to L10.
[*]I see my mistake as building the Camps before the Front Barracks.
[*]Considering the low level of play and the lack of threats they just are not needed for the first 48 hours.
[*] Once you can open the market, then you can trade overstock for low resources. The market is for your resources only and is not shared with the alliance.

Example 1: With 3 Gario Troops all over level 10, it takes several attacks from the troops to gain one city district, furthermore it will take several attacks on the city its self to take it over as well. So at lower levels if your neighbor can not take over level 3-4 lands, they are no threat to you. See more below on fence, grid, and choke. It seems like the more land around the city you own the easier it gets to do damage to the next plot and the city. Next consider the Stamina of each Gario who can only make so many trips and they the time to get new troops, your not going to die fast. If you do feel a threat is near by join an alliance, move your city or rove to a new home.
Example 2: Looking into the future, you MUST CONSERVE RESOURCES AND GEMS! If you want level 4 and 5 lands dont wast your time with anything but production mills and the market. It is a higher level than the reserve barracks. Unlock Govt Halls will equal getting high level resources.

( Part 5: The Drills )
[*]Free Resources!! Helios and Iapetus can get you through most of them, with a level 3 innate skill upgrade. Add the others I mentioned as you get the Drill grounds and Front Barracks unlocked. This is the primary game changer for gaining land, resources, coins and gems.

( Part 6: The Skills ) Do Not Chase Skills!! Just stock up on XP, keeping a floor of about 500 in case you summon a 5 star Gario. Focus on the quests and the items mentioned in part 3. Build a city worth protecting, hit wall L1 by the end of the 48 hours. Later in the game the Skills and Gario will be radically more powerful. Do not waste your experience leveling up the skills past level 1, unless they are a 4 or 5 star Gario. Example Helios has the blazing sun skill which is valuable up to level 3, the same with Iapetus and Coeus. This is a great team and the reason for the importance of the Front Barracks. Another great addition is Hecate, she is fast, can heal, and is easy to upgrade. Of course if you have the cure skill its great to level it up to L3 like heal. Another reason to not upgrade skills in the second slot is so they can be changed out as needed. This will save you tons of lost XP.
Example 1: Skill Vault; do not dismantle any Gario over 3 stars right away. Why? you may be able to enhance them rapidly. This means you can add 10 points, or an upgrade equal to 10 levels. Each star is the number of times you can enhance. Only after you know the specific skill, and have all the needed Gario in stock, then both dismantle, complete all research, add the skill to a new Gario and then increase that skill to L3. Look for Skills that hit over 30%+ and take a 10% Rare Gario, or 5%. Its not really something to focus on during the first 48 hours.
Example 2: Many Gario have a low speed, Eros has a skill called golden bow but a speed of 31. My Gaia with 1 enhancement has a speed of 60. When I dismantle Eros, I basically need 10 Epic Gario Egyptian are 10%, Celtic or Epic Nordic are also used. Collect the full inventory before conversion. This will keep the new player from fumbling around making a mess and retaining synergy.
Example 3: A level 10 fully enhanced Hecate has a high speed, since she also has heal, cure is a good addition. But again, collect the full inventory before conversion. I think even dual Hecate's maxed out this was would be a valuable asset to many attack teams.
Example 4: ( advanced ) Your first round of siege troops is out of stamina and you deploy new troops. To avoid a 20% loss in XP keep a skill like siege up as a floater skill. After you deploy the new round of troops with fresh stamina, then switch out the siege skills from the old troop to the new troop while they are in route.Note 1: Once you have a Level 3 land you can train 2 level 1 Gario direcly to level 5 with no battles, simply by a training order. If you plan to deploy the Gario after that they will have the second skill slot open.Note 2: Generally in most games, using these kind of skill upgrades does not help the lower stat scores of the character. Use them to enhance the highest score or the related skill to their primary power.
12 Videos on youtube: not created by me that cover other topics and a bunch of basics.(Credit to Diablo on youtube)
Immortal Conquest: Getting StartedImmortal Conquest: User Interface
Immortal Conquest: Resources
Immortal Conquest: Buildings
Immortal Conquest: Legion Basics
Immortal Conquest: Season 1 Rewards
Immortal Conquest: Season 2 SP: Legendaries
Immortal Conquest: Season 2 SP: Epics
Immortal Conquest: Season 2 Exclusives: Legendaries
Immortal Conquest: Season 2 Exclusives: Epics
Immortal Conquest: My Favorite Legendaries
Immortal Conquest: My Favorite Epics
( Part 7: Dominate )
After making the main account to learn the basics, I created 2 sub accounts. The only gem support is the 150per day pack.Lucky for me both land assignments were much better than my main, and the Gario were boosted to level 8!
Narrow Infrastructure Goals:
[*]Do not build any Camps during the first 48 hours. Do not build any expansions.
[*]When you do take expansions take them in pairs or all 4 at once building them on the corners of the 3x3.
[*]Government Hall at L4; House L5; Mills; Quarry at L5 Wood & Iron at L5 and Mills at L3.
[*]Drill Grounds L3-L5; Recruitment Office L5 Front Barracks L1-L3

Here is the BEST order to get them: House L4; Warehouse L1; Lumber & Iron L1; Gvt Hall L3; Mill & Quarry L1; Instant Troops; Warehouse 2-5; House L5; (dont expand)Drill Grounds L3 ( use gems only in items like this that save more than 1 hour of upgrade time ); Recruit L3; Dismantle a skill, Upgrade a Gario... at this point you will have to wait for some more stone. By this time you should own about 20 plots of land.
Gario Goals: Helios + Iapetus, Epimetheus + Hecate L3 innate skill. I'm not upgrading the secondary skill so they can be interchangeable at will without loss of xp
Geo-Fencing Goals: Surround resources and squeeze the nearest city. Fence, Grid and Choke
Fence: Use empty lots and Resources that surround areas and future resources. Do not surround Fort or a camp, rather blockade them. Higher levels can hop fort to fort to travel.To Fence; use pairs of Gario with high speed to grab the empty lots to make boarder lines. These can include Water, Mountains, Fortress, Military Camps, and L4+ lots. It also resources you will need; stone, iron, wood, and food. Lots of level 4 or greater can act as long term place holders in your fence. Odds are early in the game you wont be under fire the moment the 48 hours ends. In fact you may have weeks before an attack. Level 5 and higher lots seem to cluster and create fences too. Connect these, and surround other resources to map out larger areas as they will be important to own later. Again Mountains are critical for blocking access from neighbors so cut them off at the pass.Grid: Make your 3x3 a 4x4 or 5x5 To Grid, first keep 1 lot around every lot your city is, they 2 lots or more, this is good for long term defense. Then look for nearby places to make a connected 3x3 lot after your fame is 6000 to build a city. Drop the lots that you used to get there, If you starfish off your 3x3 and leave access someone may try to take your city.Example 1: Lets say your 3x3 is not surrounded by a 5x5 square and all the empty lots are a "moat" around your city. If someone attacks your fence or the grid around your city you can take over the lots on the 4x4 that should stall the attacker or make then quit. It's a faster way to deploy a defense, but again odds are you wont be attacked.Choke: Keep the closest City from getting resources or even new plots of land. To Choke take every lot that the city next you would have access to. Sometimes new cities can spawn with to many L4+ lots near it. Other times Mountains will trap in city. I did this and so far have lost 4 cities, they vanished lol.
Fourm Resources:

Comprehensive starter guide Comprehensive Skill Guide
Introduction for newbie!-Tips you need to know
Use resource rationally!
In-depth Guide to Infrastructure Development
A Guide to Leveling up Your Troops
Ultimate Guide to Skills for Beginners
Basic principles for mix and matching
Full Analysis of All Skill Effects | Player’s Guide
3-Star Gairo Skills to Dismantle | Player’s Guide
5-Star Gairo Analysis (5) | Player’s Guide
How to Lead an Alliance Effectively (External) | Player’s Guide
How to Lead an Alliance Effectively (Internal) | Player’s Guide
Advanced: Spreadsheet of Gairos and Skill attributes (WIP)
When and Where to Build a Subcity
Tips & Strategies on Capturing Cities | Player’s Guide
Collection of Game WikiBasic Alliance Stratgey
Basic Mixing and Matching of Gario and Skills

As you get higher levels:

Secrets to Earning Tons of Coins (1) | Player’s Guide
Secrets to Earning Tons of Coins (2) | Player’s Guide
Top 15 Legendary Skills | Player’s Guide

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The Market

When making your fence, grid, or choke: know that after you have a Market you can exchange resources.
So if there are 4 plots of level 3 food that create a natural boarder to protect your lands or cut off a mountian pass
you can trade it for Iron, Stone, or Wood.This is critical because you'll always need more Iron. Also because when you
fence, you will start to draw back as you gather resources. If you have played chess, you understand very well the value of a square.

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Fence 101:
From the Red city on the left of the image the L5 lots make a fence going to the mountians and the L3 Food makes a direct path to the city.
Seeing this I made a fence from the L5's to the mountians.

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Fence 202:

In fence 101 Cleopatra was in the truce peroid, in this time they are not. See how I have changed the fence to cut off both Mountian passes. The marked lot at the mountians can be easily obtained if any threat is active. Currently the city over there is an ally.I can easily gain the other L3's and have reduced the amount of level 1 land owned.This location is to the NE of the city center.

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Fence 202:

Moving SW I noted the 2 L4 lots that needed one empty lot between then, a defensive position for a low level player. Poor Mendoza was kinda trapped in with higher level lands right off the city, this made it easy to trap them in. However I dont think they are an active player anymore. My interest is in the Level 8 Tower even if I can not get it yet.

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Fence 202:

The same SW location after the 48 hours, I like the 3 food lots to protect a fort for lower level play. Using the L4 lots as fences I also left to L2 food lots to go gather the resources outside the fence. Note at this point where the birds are I have gotten a few of the city's lots at this point. It's plain to see that this player is inactive. I like this placement between to inactive cities with lots of resources.

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Fence 202:

West of the city not much changes this is during the 48 hours.

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Fence 202:

In the lower left the mountians connect to the nest mountian range, this is the current fence that I was able to upgrade after the first 48 hours. In the upper right is the same marked corner mentioned above. When you are ready for L4 and L5 resources they will be waiting for you and intergrated into your designs.

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Level 3 Lands:

Timing is critical, try to get both troops to arrive at the exact moment, this way 2 or 3 lower levels of troops can work together to gain the property. I give myself a ten second mental countdown while watching the first troop advance. If the troops do not arrive in time you have 4 min. During this time you can try to send in more troops, but if you do it right the first time you gain the land right away without delay or loss of troops.As you can see in the second pic I set the fence just behind the resources I wanted to grab a couple days later.It was easy to deploy troops together and more that fence forward to upgrade my production.

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